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     Versatrans e-Link is your connection to SCPS student transportation schedules.  It provides a quick, easy way to verify your student’s bus assignment, stop location and stop time. We ask students to be at their bus stops 5 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time.

    We encourage you to come back and re-check often as we continue to route more students which may cause changes in your student's bus assignment and bus arrival times. 

    Students enrolled between August 2-6 may not be guaranteed a bus assignment. If you do not see a bus assignment for your student(s) by the start of school, you may have to arrange alternate transportation until the assignment is completed in our system. 

    e-Link Instructions:

    1. Go to the Versatrans e-Link website.
    2. Username:  Student’s ID number (contact your child’s school if unknown).
    3. Password:  Student’s Date of Birth (Format: mmddyyyy). Example: 04/15/2019 would be entered as 04152019.
    4. Hover over “Students,” then click “View My Students.”  Select your student. It will then display your student’s bus information.

    Early release days: e-Link does not provide separate transportation schedules on early release school days.

    Incorrect address: Please contact your student’s school if the address that appears in e-Link is incorrect.  All routing and bus stop information is based on the address your school has in Synergy.

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