Class Schedule

  •                                                                         Happy Easter   wk of 4/6/2020- 4/10/2020

    Here is a list of actvities you can do with your child. If you have any questions please call or text me.Please let me know if you like these activites, send pictures and send me any activites you did with your child so I can share with the rest of the class. Remember read at least 2 books daily and sing songs together. Remember we are in ths together. I miss everyone of you. Remember WASH, WASH, your HANDS!!! Stay Safe.

    Decorate eggs using egg dye or you can color with crayons.

    Draw egg shape on paper have child deocrate egg using any small objects you have around the house (you will need glue) You can also have child color egg  or draw on egg shape talk about their egg when finished. 

    Use a tissue paper roll to create a bunny. Draw a face with markers or crayons, add ears by cutting out ear shapes using paper then gluing them inside of the tissue paper roll, you can also paint the roll any color you like.

    Talk about all the different colors you like and all the fun things you do on Easter. Then color a lunch a lunch bag color and add decorations this becomes a Easter Bag,

    Some things to do to keep them moving. These things can bo done inside or outside.Hop like a bunny  a Easter Egg hunt ( you can use plastic or real cooked eggs, and a Easter egg roll race.

    After child has found eggs have the count them and name their colors.

    Here's a song you can sing with you child:

    This is the way a bunny hops, a bunny hops, a buny hops on Easter day

    This is the way he wiggles his nose, wiggles his nose, wiggles his nose on Easter day

    This is the way he wiggles his tail, wiggles his tail, wiggles his tail on Easter day.

    You can sing this when the children wash their hands (tune:Wheels on the Bus)sing two times

    This is the way we wash our hands, wash our hands, wash our hands

    This is the way we wash our hands, all through the day. 


                                                                                Wk of 4/13/2020     Our Body

    - Sing "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes w/ movements,   If You're Happy and You Know It"

    - Make Paper Plate Face by using a paper plate and cutting out face parts (eyes, mouth, nose,  ears and any other parts your child names)Ask questions about how many eyes do they have etc.

    - Trace your child's hand on a sheet of paper, have child trace your hand let the child color then you cut out hand. You can also let child draw faces on finger of your hand print

    - Point to your child's body parts have child name them, and count them and your body parts compare them with your child ( long and short legs etc)

    - Play the Copy Cat Game You do do something and ask your child to do the same ( stand on one leg, get silly with it have fun)

    - Play the Freeze Game w/music

    - Read 2 books with your child  WASH WASH YOR HANDS!!!!! Stay Safe I MISS YOU!!!!

                                                                                     Shapes  4/20/20  -4/24/20

    - Talk to your child about different shapes

    - Look around your house Parent will name a shape and ask child to find objects with the shape in the room

    - Pratice with your child using their finger (with your help) to make shapes in the air

    - Parent will make shapes (squares, circles, triangles) with dots  on paper have children trace the shapes and name them. Make a couple of each shape

    - Use cups or bowls of different sizes have child trace around sizes parent cut out and have child put them in order by thier sizes (small to large) 

    - Do these things a couple times this week Remember WASH WAS YOUR HANDS We are in together Stay Safe!!!!

    - Read 2 books let your child pick one and you pick one

      Sing this song with child          This Is A Shape ( sung to Frere Jacques)

    This is a triangle. This is a triange.

    How can you teli? How can you tell?

    It has three sides. It has three sides.



    Change shapes name and repeat song

    Parent ask child what is their favorite shapes parent draw the shape (large) on a sheet of paper or card board and cut it out Have child draw a face on it parent cut it out and cut two small holes almost at the bootom of the face so that childs two finges will fit in Have child put in their two fingers in They have made a shape puppet Help the child name their puppet

                                                                                            April 27 -May 1, 2020    Colors

    -Talk about colors by showing different things in the home

    -Name a color of a object in the room have child find object and name object and color

    -Show pictures of a rainbow. Draw lines with space  between lines have child to color to make rainbow and name colors

    -Parent make  balloon shapes on paper different colors have child to color using crayons or markers to color inside the shapes to match

    - Color Game Parent make large circles different colors cut them out place on floor name the color have child jump on color. next time you let the child name color and you jump on color sometime parent jump on the wrong color and see if the child would correct you(Have Fun)!!

    - Ask child their favorite color and draw a picture Have them tell you about their picture

                                                                          Colors ( tune to :Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star )

    Brown bear, brown bear, turn around.

    Brown bear brown bear,  touch the ground.

    Brow bear , brown bear, reach up high.

    Brown bear, brown bear, touch the sky.

    Brown bear, brown bea, reach down low.

    Brown bear, brown bear, touch your toes.

    Repeat the song but change th aminals and color name   Have fun with it1111

    Remember WASH WASH YOUR HANDS and STAY SAFE!!!!!  

                                                                                                     WK of 5/4/2020

    This wk we will review Shapes, Colors and The Body. Go over these things as much as the child wants to do it. Add let me know how it goes. 

     - Body- Take a large sheet of paper and a marker or crayon or you can go outside and use chalk outline your childs body as much as possible. Let the child draw in body parts and color. Talk with the child about what he is drawing and ask child what do we use the part for. (Contuine to do this through out the week)

    - Shapes - Parents review shapes with your child. Name and show pictures of shapes and while you name the  shape, have your child point to shape and try to draw them. (square, circle, triangle, star just to name a few)

    -Color Matching Game- Parent use card size paper or you might have index cards ,color two the same color, turn over face down have child to try to find two the same color. ( Start off with 4 colors, increase your numbers after a couple of times so your child won't get upset easily)

    - Count with your child 1-10. Review with you child A B C 's.

    -Song - Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

    - Read 1 parent picked book and 2 child picked books daily.

                                                                                                      Wk of 5/18/20 Garden/Flowers

    Look at pictures of flowers. Parents cut out flowers by cutting out flower shapes out of egg cartons and using sticks for the stem. Have your child color or paint the flowers put dirt in a cup or container and add flowers

    Let your child look around for a small rock . Have your child decrorate the rock, go on a walk, let your child leave the rock some where while walking and maybe someone will find the rock. Explain to your child that whoever finds it will have good luck.

    Let child pick leaves, bring them into the house. Parent use white paper, tape and different color crayons. Parent tape down leaves to table place white paper on top of leaves let child color on top of paper and watch the leaf design apear.

     You and your child go outside or for a walk and look for a rock, this will be the

    child Pet Rock, Let the child paint it and give their rock a name.

    READ, READ, READ!!!!! Count from 1-10   ABC SING, SING WASH HANDS!!!

    Song/Movement:                                        "Ring Around The Ro             Wk of 5/26/20


                                                               Ring-a-round the Rosie,

                                                             A pocket fll of posies.

                                                              Ashes! Ashes!

                                                            We all fall down! 

                                                                                             Wk of 5/26/2020 (Rewiew)

    - Talk to your child about what we have been doing the last couple of wks, ( Shapes, Colors, Flowers, etc.)Have your child draw a picture about what they have been learning. Take a picture of your child holding what they made and send it to me.

    - Let your child play dress-up and put on music and let your child put on a talant show for you. Have a fashion show you can join in the fun, invite the whole family.

    - Bake cookies, cup cakes, or a cake with your child. Talk with your child about the directions and let your child help with the measurements. Let your child decorate it. Have fun and enjoy eating it Yum Yum!!!!

    WASH WASH YOUR HANDS!!! Read books let the child pick them. Sing songs, ABC and Count from 1 to10 if they want to count high let them

                                                                                               Time to Clean Up (Sung to:" Clementine")

                                                                                            Time to clean up, time to clean up,

                                                                                                        Time to clean up all our fun.

                                                                                            Time to clean up, time to clean up,

                                                                                                        Because our cooking is done.




                                                                                     Wk of 9/2-3-2020 Lesson Plan- Christerpher, Emma


    Circle Time- Looking andreading books. Asking open ended guestions about stories, singing songs, and greeting song. Mastery:Comprehending language and interacting with teachers and classmates while praticing distant learning Feeling How do you feel ?

    Story Time -If You're Happy And You Know It, Hello Baby, Listening Time, Clean Up Time, Nap Time, Row Row Your Boat, Fun With Counting, I'm A Little Teapot Mastery: Comprehending Language and interacting withclassmates and teachers.

    Words- Happy, Face, Clapping,Hands, Feet,Eyes, Legs, Ears, Mouth, Head, Rattle, Blodk, Hug,Toy, Block, Bed, Crying, Laughing, Talking, Eating, Books, School, Paint, Bus. Mastery:Comprehending language by using books and picture cards

    Read Aloud with words: Good Morning, Big Soft Chair (Funny, Ball, Sit)

    Music and Movement- Friends 123, Where Are My Friends, Mr Sun Mastery: Demonstrating movement and language through singing.

    Lets Play a math game: Hope 3 times Watch me. Copy me.

    Find It- Lets do a puzzle matching game.

    Art: Wednesday- Drawing Collage, Thursday - Paper Collage  Mastery: Demonstrate fine motor strength using fingers and hands to create expressive art 

     Autumn Stacking blocks and watching them fall .Getting to know each other by talking,singing songs looking at each other and loking at each other movements

    Dandartanian- Naming objects (Bus Truck Boat) Getting to Know aech other through talking and through touching