2020-21 Classroom Supply Lists

  •      Please be advised that most of the local retailers will begin with Back to School sales starting on July 5.  The Commonwealth of Virginia will have its annual Sales Tax Holiday from August 7 - August 9, 2020 for qualifying school supplies.  This is the link by which you can visit the Virginia state website regarding the sales tax holiday.

          Student schedules will not be available for a couple weeks yet so you will NOT know what teachers you have just yet.  (Please do NOT contact the school asking for student schedules.) We realize that this might present a challenge.  However, in the mean time, please use the links below to view GENERIC supply lists for next school year.  These lists cover most of the basics for any class in that grade level.

          Teacher-specific classroom supply lists may not be available at this time.  If you view a teacher's list, please check the "last updated date in the lower left corner.  

          Please be aware that most of our supply lists were generated for a non-virtual setting.  As such, some of the supplies listed may not be needed immediately, but would be appropriate for when we return to the classrooms in the future. 

          Finally, due to many changes and updates to AGW's Master Schedule, the placement of teachers' lists in the proper grade level may not yet be correct.  This will be corrected as schedule information is disseminated.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.

    Last Updated - 6 Aug 2020