•  8th Grade Physical Science  Mrs. Rad  2019-2020 Supply List

    • 3 ring binder (any size and can combine with another class as long as there is a designated science section.)
    • Pens (red, blue and black)
    • #2 pencils (if you use mechanical, make sure you have enough lead)
    • Large box of facial tissue (to be turned in to the teacher)   Extra is appreciated!!!
    • 4 function calculator for home use
    • Colored pencils/crayons
    • Folder for homework
    • Dividers  (5 should be plenty)

    If you can help with the following items for classroom use it would be appreciated:

    • Dixie cups (need plastic ones; paper ones don’t work with labs.)
    • Bags of jolly rancher candy (for class rewards)
    • Crayons
    • Safety scissors
    • Kitchen chemistry “stuff” for labs: baking soda, salt, pepper, food coloring, coffee filters, black magic markers, vinegar, sugar cubes, sugar, smarties candy

    ***If you have any old/broken electronics (DVR’s, VCR’s, Radios, boom boxes etc).  Please send them in to me for electronics dissection. I let the kids explore the workings of an electronic device when we study electricity.

    ***A really good book to help study for this year as well as the science SOL in the spring is (not required but recommended):

    “Everything you need to ace science in one big fat notebook”  Workman Publishing 2016.

    The book is $8-12 depending on where you get it.  I’ve seen them in Sam’s and BJ’s as well as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  (FYI, they have them for math, English and social studies as well.

    Updated - 8/6/2019