Workers Compensation Information

  • Insurance: 

    P. O. Box 71420
    Richmond, Virginia 23255
    (804) 963 6800

    School Board Contact: 

    Annette Hall (540) 658-6000

    Reporting Process

    • Within 24 hours, employees should notify employer of a work-related accident.
    • Employee should call NT24 at 877-234-0898 to report work related accidents.
    • Employee will receive documents on physician for treatment.

    First Fill Prescription Form

    • Allows employee to receive the first prescription free – no out of pocket expense.

    Return to Work Program

    • Modify duty program for those employees who are temporarily unable to perform their assigned duties due to a work-related injury/illness. Modified duty positions area available for those employees who are qualified to receive workers’ compensation benefits but are unable to perform their regular duties

What do I do if Injured at Work?

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