Degrees and Certifications:

Garrett Bullin

Engineering teacher and assistant golf coach.

8th Season with the Wolverines.  Has coached 2 State Champions, 10 State Placers, 7 Regional Champions, 34 Regional Placers and 13 Conference Champions.


Before Teaching and Coaching at North Stafford:  2x DIII NCAA Qualifier, Academic All American, 106 College wins, ONU record with 67 Career Pins.  3x Greco NY HS State Champion, 2x Freestyle HS State Champion.

Assistant Coaches

  • Assistant Coaches:

    Nate Murphy - 2nd season back with the team after serving in the army.  Former Head coach of North (2012-2015).  Regional Champion and State Runner up Head Coach at Manassas Park.  Head Assistant Coach.

    Rick Dorsch - 5th season with the team.  Head Female Coach.

    Trever Fay - 2nd season with the team.

    Alan Henshaw - 5th season with team.

    Mark Morrast - 7th season with team.  

    Steve Rossi - 4th season with team.  1985 NSHS Graduate.

    Nasser McCummings - 2nd season with team.  2016 NSHS Graduate

    Rich DeGuzman - 3rd season with team.

    Ashley Eisenmann - 1st season with team.  2019 NSHS Graduate.  First All-Female Tournament Champion, First All-Female State Placer. 

    John Brisco - 1st season with team.

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