• Our School Values and Beliefs

    As the Widewater family, we believe and value the following:

    • families, students, staff, and community are essential partners in student success
    • all students want to learn
    • meaningful teaching and learning should reflect the needs of all students, be integrated and provide hands-on experiences.
    • respect for oneself and others is the foundation of our learning community.
    • communication is current, consistent, and concise among school, family, and community.
    • our school environment reflects school pride by being clean, safe, inviting, and nurturing.
    • a successful educational team is motivated to take an active role in personal and professional enrichment.


    Our School Mission

     The mission of Widewater Elementary School is to inspire each student to become a life-long learner and a self sufficient citizen who will succeed and contribute responsibly in a global community.


    Vision Statement

    Widewater Elementary is a welcoming diverse learning community where each student is accepted, inspired, and educated in a safe and supportive atmosphere.  Widewater Elementary Staff, students, families, and the community work together as an educational team.


    Staff and Administration

    • support and model the belief that ALL children can succeed by setting appropriate high expectations for every child
    • engage students through active and meaningful teaching
    • facilitate learning through support, motivation and respect
    • display and model appropriate interactions amongst self and others
    • maintain communication between faculty, students, and community
    • broaden personal learning through continual staff development
    • regard everyone as highly competent and knowledgeable
    • enforce rules and consequences in a positive manner 



    • are prepared for school each day and actively participate in the learning process
    • challenge themselves to do their very best and value their accomplishments
    • aspire to be life long learners and problem solvers
    • make positive contributions to our school community
    • abide by rules in the Code of Conduct and model the Widewater Way
    • model the Widewater Way


    Parents and Community

    • make certain that child is prepared and attends school
    • actively involved in all aspects of students’ education
    • work positively with staff on behavioral concerns
    • provide learning experiences within the community by partnering with and supporting the school
    • support extracurricular activities that benefit Widewater