Miss Sheaff’s Kindergarten Class

    Daily Schedule for Wise Owls

     Owl with books

    2019 -2020 Kindergarten Schedule

    9:00-9:10      Announcements

    9:10–9:30      Community Meeting

    9:30–10:00   Literacy Block

    10:00-10:40  Guided Reading / Independent reading stations

    10:40-11:10   I/E (Small group instruction)

    11:10-11:50   Science/Social Studies

    11:54–12:24  Lunch/Restroom

    12:30–1:35   Math Block

    1:35–2:25     Specials (See schedule below)

    2:25-2:40     Calendar 

    2:40- 3:10    Recess

    3:10-3:40     Snack/Read Aloud/ Pack-up/Dismissal




    Class Rules and Communication System


    RULES: These rules were created as a class community


    We CAN show teamwork!


    We CAN listen to the speaker!


    We CAN show respect to people and materials!


    We CAN make wise choices!


    The Widewater Way:

    Respect yourself, adults, and other students.

    Practice self-control.

    Solve problems peacefully.

    Dedicate yourself to learning.



    UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!! Wise Owls will work together and create classroom rules!  

    Daily Folder: Each student will have a daily folder. It is very important to check it EACH NIGHT! I will send home notes in the folder if I had any concerns that day about behavior chocies or other situations. I will also send home positive reports you can celebrate with your child. The reports are called "HOOT HOOT HOORAY"!