Once again, we will continue our “Gotcha!” program this year.  This program was developed and fine-tuned by our School Improvement Committee.  It is designed to improve our school climate.  We are extremely proud of our students, their overall attitude, and behavior.  Yet, we’re sure you would agree that there is always room for improvement in these areas.

    We will continue to be more focused in the attention given to school climate and discipline.  Each classroom has three common rules that speak to those character traits we would most like our Gators to further develop.  These rules are:


    Respect one another and those in authority.

    Assume responsibility for one’s behavior and studies.

    Encourage others to be the best they can be.


    Each staff member in the school will focus attention on these and other desired behaviors.  The “Gotcha!” program works in concert with each classroom teacher’s management program.  Throughout the day, individual students and whole classes can earn a “Gotcha!” sticker by displaying exemplary behavior ... in the classroom, in the hallways, in the lunchroom, on the bus, etc.

    Every staff member at G.E.S. is armed with those wonderful orange stickers.  The catch is that a classroom teacher cannot award his/her own class a sticker.  The exemplary behavior must be observed by another.  Gotcha!” stickers can be awarded when students are spotted displaying gatorific manners, going beyond what is normally expected in being helpful, responsible, or encouraging to others, etc.

    In order to promote team spirit and cooperation, individual “Gotcha!” stickers are credited to the class.  Working together and encouraging others are points we try to emphasize at G.E.S.