• August 8th- September 8th is considered the Summer SOL window, which means it is an opportunity for students who need a verified credit and passed the class, in a previous semester, to take the SOL and get the Graduation credit!  There is a county-wide push to try to get all seniors any necessary credits, so they do not have to worry about them as the school year continues!  Students will be contacted through their email about missing SOL tests.


    Fall 2023 Test Sessions & Dates:

    • Summer SOL Retakes:  Aug. 8th - Sept. 8th (For Students who Need to Retake an SOL for ESSA or Verified Credit requirements)
    • PSAT:  October 11th
    • EOC Writing Workkeys:  Oct. 16th - 27th (11th Grade Students taking English in Fall Semester or Year-long Classes)
    • Fall SOL Retakes:  Nov. 27th - Dec. 1st (For Students who Need to Retake an SOL for ESSA or Verified Credit requirements)
    • Fall SOL Session:  Dec. 4th - Dec.13th (Schedule to be put out, closer to the testing window)
    • Fall SOL Expedited Retakes:  Dec. 14th - Dec.19th
    • Fall SOL Make-Ups/Missed Expedited Retakes:  Jan. 5th - 26th (Will only be used if the student is made aware of a missed test prior to Winter Break)

    *Testing dates are subject to change in case of an emergency, but all staff, students, and parents will be made aware of any change as early as possible.



    Workkeys Testing:

    All 11th Grade students will take the Workkeys writing test in the window previously posted on this page.  Any seniors who need to take it will have an email sent to them, giving them a day and time to take the test.  The Workkeys Writing test is a substitute test for the Writing SOL, and is a requirement for graduation.