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    The Stafford Players is the extracurricular theater group for Stafford High School.

    It includes Theater Club and the International Thespian Society, and produces several plays throughout the year.

    For specific information on current and upcoming productions, scroll to the bottom of the page, below the calendar.

    Questions? Contact:

    2023-2024 International Thespian Society Troupe 2876 Officers

    • President: Sophie Statler
    • Vice-President (Operations): Darby Redman
    • Vice-President (Membership): Tanner Gillikin
    • Secretary: Mercedes Benz-Bushling
    • Representative: Matthew Puckett


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  • The Stafford Players General Information

    Join the Stafford Players Remind Group: text @d3927ak to the number 81010

    Watch here for upcoming Theater Club Meetings!

  • Agnes of God by John Pielmeier

    Production Information (revised 5/1/24)

    Cast List

    • Mother Miriam Ruth: Emily Herod
    • Dr. Martha Livingstone: Sophie Statler
    • Sister Agnes: Josephine Martinez

    STAGE CREW: If you are interested in being on the Stage Crew for this production, pleae complete the Stage Crew Interest Form:

    SUMMER WORK: The cast will be expected to complete character and scene research and analysis work over the summer.

    FALL CREW MEETINGS: Tuesdays, August 20 and September 10 (2:30-4pm)


    • Monday – Friday, August 15 – October 18 (2:30-5pm) (Until 6pm the week of Oct. 14)
    • Saturday, August 24 (10am-6pm);   Saturday, September 7 (10am-6pm)
    • Saturday, September 21 (10am-6pm);   Saturday, October 15 (10am-6pm)   
    • Saturday, October 19 (10am-6pm)

    * CREW will begin attending rehearsals Thursday, September 26, and will attend all rehearsals following this date. (Stage management & partial crew will be needed for the August & September rehearsals.)

    FALL DRESS REHEARSALS: Monday – Tuesday, October 21 – 22 (2:30-7pm)

    FALL PUBLIC PERFORMANCE: Tuesday, October 22 (7pm)

    VTA CONFERENCE: Wednesday, October 23 – Sunday, October 27 (in Richmond, VA)

    • The cost of attending the VTA Conference will be $250 per student, and students will need to bring money for meals.


    • Monday – Friday, January 8 – February 7 (2:30-5pm) (until 6pm during the week which immediately precedes a festival.)
    • Saturday, January 11 (10am-6pm)


    • VHSL 5D2 Sectional Theatre Festival: Date TBD, likely between January 25 and February 8
    • VHSL 5D Regional Theatre Festival: Date TBD, likely between February 8 and 22
    • VHSL State Theatre Festival: Saturday, March 8 (Piedmont Virginia Community College, Charlottesville, VA)


    • The dates for the VHSL sectional and regional theatre festivals are not set. It is expected that students participating in the festival play will change any plans that conflict with the dates for these festivals and the rehearsals which will be scheduled to prepare for them.
    • In the event that Stafford advances to the regional and/or state level, weekday after-school rehearsals will be added as needed (2:30pm-5pm, or until 6pm on days immediately preceding the festival performance.)
    • On their cast / crew information forms, students were asked to list any periods of time during the Summer during which they will be out of town and unavailable to meet with the directors, as well as conflicts with the above schedule or other extracurricular activities in which they will be involved in the Fall and Winter and when they occur. (Allowances may be made at the discretion of the directors for reasonable conflicts which are reported at a later date, such as medical appointments, which are not foreseeable at this time. These conflicts should be submitted by the first rehearsal on August 10. However, please do not schedule appointments, events or trips on August 24, September 7, September 21, or from October 1 through October 27, or on January 11. Excessive conflicts and absences will result in removal from the production.)


  • International Thespian Society & Theater Club

    The International Thespian Society is the honor society for theater arts students.
If you are currently a member or would like to become a member of the International Thespian Society, please submit an International Thespian Society Report on Theater Activities:

    International Thespian Society Theater Activity Report 2023-2024

The final due date for this year is Monday, April 15, 2024.

    The International Thespian Society Awards and Induction Ceremony will be held on Tuesday, May 14 at 7pm.


    • What is the International Thespian Society?
      The International Thespian Society is the honor society for theater arts students. It is the core of the “Theater Club”, and the group that is eligible to earn honors and awards, as well vote for and serve as officers.
    • How do I become a member?
      Submit am INTERNATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY REPORT ON THEATER ACTIVITIES. (This is an online form found above.)
    • What is the final deadline for submitting activities?
      Monday, April 15.
    • If I am already a member, do I need to submit my theater activities?
      YES. We only award points towards membership and honors for activities that are submitted, and these points determine honors and awards.
    • If all my theater experience is at Stafford High School, do I still need to submit these activities?
      YES. Again, we only award points for activities that are submitted.
    • Can I earn my varsity letter in theater without submitting activities?
      NO. In order to begin earning points towards a varsity letter in theater, you must submit your activities to be recorded.
    • How will I know if I am eligible for membership?
      After the submission deadline, points will be tallied and prospective new members will receive a letter confirming their eligibility.
    • Is there a fee to join?
      Yes. It is $35, which includes lifetime membership, a Thespian pin, and a one-year subscription to Dramatics magazine.
Can I earn points from theater work outside of Stafford High School?
      Yes. If you are submitting activities for the first time, submit all activities (middle school, community theater, etc.)
    • If I am a returning member, do I need to submit activities from previous years?
      No. Just submit your theater activities that have taken place over the past year.
    • How can I get to the form to submit my activities?
      There is a link above, or copy and paste the following into your web browser:



  • Stafford High School International Thespian Society Graduation Honor Cord Policy

    In order to be eligible for a Thespian Graduation Honor Cord, a student must be a member of the International Thespian Society AND participate in at least one Stafford High School Theater production during their senior year. This can include acting in a play/musical, stage crew for a play/musical, house crew for ALL PERFORMANCES of a play/musical, and/or being a member of the improv team.

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