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    The Stafford Players is the extracurricular theater group for Stafford High School.

    It includes Theater Club and the International Thespian Society, and produces several plays throughout the year.

    For specific information on current and upcoming productions, scroll to the bottom of the page, below the calendar.

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    2022-2023 International Thespian Society Troupe 2876 Officers

    • President: Hailey Ayd
    • Vice-President, Membership: Sienna Green
    • Vice-President, Operations: Darby Redman
    • Secretary: Mercedes Benz-Bushling
    • Historian: Jackson Henry
    • Representatives: Annmarie Eure, Tyler Gilkerson



  • The Stafford Players General Information

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  • Metamorphoses Cast List

    Hailey Ayd
    Dawson Carneal 
    Annmarie Eure
    Tyler Gilkerson
    Jackson Henry
    Emily Herod
    Gavin Martin
    Josephine Martinez 
    Matthew Puckett
    Sophie Statler

    We will add two more rehearsals over the summer: Monday & Tuesday, June 27 & 28 (10am-5pm.)

    The complete and final summer schedule is now as follows:

    • Thursday, June 2 (10am-5pm)
    • Monday, June 27 (10am-5pm)
    • Tuesday, June 28 (10am-5pm)
    • Thursday, July 21 (11am-5:30pm)
    • Thursday, July 28 (10am-5pm)
    • Friday, July 29 (10am-5pm)
    • Saturday, July 30 (10am-5pm)

    If any other summer rehearsal is added, it will be based entirely on student availability.

    Thank you to everyone who auditioned!

    We hope to see you back in the fall for auditions for the rest of our season!

    Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman
    Production Information (revised 5/25/22)
    Thursday, June 2 (10am-5pm): Rehearsal
    Thursday, July 21 (11am-5:30pm): Vocal Rehearsal
    Thursday, July 28 (10am-5pm): Movement Rehearsal
    Friday, July 29 (10am-5pm): Movement Rehearsal
    Saturday, July 30 (10am-5pm): Movement Rehearsal
    A PDF copy of this information can be found on this page under "The Stafford Players Files."
    The METAMORPHOSES Audition Monologues can be found on this page under "The Stafford Players Files."
    AUDITIONS: Wednesday, May 25 (1:45-3:30pm)
    For auditions, prepare TWO (2) monologues from the METAMORPHOSES Audition Monologues, in which you present two contrasting characterizations. Try to demonstrate variety in vocal and physical qualities, as well as in the tone of each piece. (Memorization of monologues is not required, but it can make a more natural performance.)
    ACTORS: Please complete the audition form by Wednesday, May 18 (you must be logged into your SCPS Google account):
    CREW: Please complete the crew interest form. While there is no deadline, the crew selection process will begin on May 18. (You must be logged into your SCPS Google account):
    Thursday, June 2 (10am-5pm): Rehearsal
    Thursday, July 21 (11am-5:30pm): Vocal Rehearsal
    Thursday, July 28 (10am-5pm): Movement Rehearsal
    Friday, July 29 (10am-5pm): Movement Rehearsal
    Saturday, July 30 (10am-5pm): Movement Rehearsal
    FALL CREW MEETING: Tuesday, August 16 (2:30-5pm)
    Monday – Friday, August 10 – October 21 (2:30-5pm) (Until 6pm the week of Oct. 17)
    Saturday, August 13 (10am-6pm) Saturday, August 27 (10am-6pm)
    Saturday, September 10 (10am-6pm) Saturday, September 24 (10am-6pm)
    Saturday, October 8 (10am-6pm) Friday, October 14 (2:15-7pm)
    Saturday, October 15 (10am-5pm) Saturday, October 22 (10am-6pm)
    * CREW will begin attending rehearsals Wednesday, September 28, and will attend all rehearsals following this date. (Stage management & partial crew will be needed for the August & September rehearsals.)
    FALL DRESS REHEARSALS: Monday – Tuesday, October 24 – 25 (2:30-7pm)
    FALL SCHOOL PERFORMANCE: Tuesday, October 25 (1pm)
    FALL PUBLIC PERFORMANCE: Tuesday, October 25 (7pm)
    VTA CONFERENCE: Wednesday, October 26 – Sunday, October 30 (in Richmond, VA)
    * The cost of attending the VTA Conference will be $200 per student, and students will need to bring money for meals.
    WINTER REHEARSALS: Monday – Friday, January 5 – February 3 (2:30-5pm) (until 6pm during the  week which immediately precedes a festival.)
    Saturday, January 14 (10am-6pm) Monday, January 16 (10am-4pm)
    VHSL 5D2 Sectional Theatre Festival: Date TBD, likely between January 27 and February 4
    VHSL 5D Regional Theatre Festival: Date TBD, likely between February 4 and 18
    VHSL State Theatre Festival: Saturday, March 4 (Piedmont Virginia Community College, Charlottesville, VA)
    The dates for the VHSL sectional and regional theatre festivals are not set. It is expected that students participating in the festival play will change any plans that conflict with the dates for these festivals and the rehearsals which will be scheduled to prepare for them.
    In the event that Stafford advances to the regional and/or state level, weekday after-school rehearsals will be added as needed (2:30pm-5pm, or until 6pm on days immediately preceding the festival performance.)
    On their cast / crew information forms, students were asked to list any periods of time during the Summer during which they will be out of town and unavailable to meet with the directors, as well as conflicts with the above schedule or other extracurricular activities in which they will be involved in the Fall and Winter and when they occur. (Allowances may be made at the discretion of the directors for reasonable conflicts which are reported at a later date, such as medical appointments, which are not foreseeable at this time. These conflicts should be submitted by the first rehearsal on August 10. However, please do not schedule appointments, events or trips on
    August 13, August 27, September 10, September 24, or from October 3 through October 30, or on January 14. Excessive conflicts and absences will result in removal from the production.)

  • Stage Crew and Improv Team

    Want to be on the Stage Crew for a show?

    Check back for the Stage Crew Sign-Up Form in August 2022!

    Dates and additional information are in the form!


    Find out about Awkward Pause Improv on our page...

    The Awkward Pause Improv Page


The Stafford Players Files (Audition Materials, Forms, Information etc.)

The EMBEDDED Stafford Players Google Calendar

The Stafford Players Calendar

  • Stafford High School International Thespian Society Graduation Honor Cord Policy

    In order to be eligible for a Thespian Graduation Honor Cord, a student must be a member of the International Thespian Society AND participate in at leat one Stafford High School Theater production during their senior year. This can include acting in a play/musical, stage crew for a play/musical, house crew for ALL PERFORMANCES of a play/musical, and/or being a member of the improv team.

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