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    The Stafford Players is the extracurricular theater group for Stafford High School.

    It includes Theater Club and the International Thespian Society, and produces several plays throughout the year.

    For specific information on current and upcoming productions, scroll to the bottom of the page, below the calendar.

    Questions? Contact:


    2022-2023 International Thespian Society Troupe 2876 Officers

    • President: Hailey Ayd
    • Vice-President, Membership: Sienna Green
    • Vice-President, Operations: Darby Redman
    • Secretary: Mercedes Benz-Bushling
    • Historian: Jackson Henry
    • Representatives: Annmarie Eure, Tyler Gilkerson



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  • The Stafford Players General Information

    Join the Stafford Players Remind Group: text @d3927ak to the number 81010

    For the THEATER CLUB MEETING on Tuesday, September 6, we will be playing Improv and Theater Games! It will be held during "B Lunch", 10:45-11:15am, in the Theater. All are welcome!

    We will also have a Meet and Greet for students who are interested in being on the Stage Crew.

    Cast List

    Older Steve: Haley Malone
    The Velveteen Rabbit: Maddie Burchik
    Rocking Horse: Laila Davis
    Velveteen and Rocking Horse Understudy: Malisa Nguyen
    Younger Steve: Laura Huber
    Younger Steve Understudy: Justin Weldon
    Ben: Emily White
    Ben Understudy: Achilles Woods
    Toy Boat: Kaylee Kirk
    Toy Train: Taelor Brown-Jones
    Magic Fairy: Precious Dua
    Wild Rabbit 1/Toy Boat Understudy: Joshua Evans
    Wild Rabbit 2/Toy Train Understudy: Jackie Stewart
    Wild Rabbit Understudy: Kaiy Castellanos
    Mom: Nevaeh Brooks
    Tiger: TBD
    Ensemble (Toys, Wild Rabbits, Fae, Kids, etc...): 
    Malisa Nguyen, Justin Weldon, Achilles Woods, Kaiy Catellanos, Kate Warren, Jaelynn Brown-Jones, Jimmy Peery

    Thank you to all who auditioned!

    For the students who were cast, the first rehearsal is this Thursday, September 8 (2:15-4:15pm) in the Theater Classroom.

  • The Velveteen Rabbit

    Audition and Production Information

    This production of THE VELVETEEN RABBIT will be our fall play this season. This play is unique as we will not only be performing in house at Stafford High School, but we will also be touring and performing this show at our local elementary schools. 

    PRE-AUDITION MEETING: Tuesday, August 16 (10:45am-11:15am)

    This is the Theater Club Meeting, at which we will be discussing the audition process, audition materials, and the production. Attendance at this meeting is not mandatory, but it is recommended.

    AUDITIONS: Thursday, August 25 (2:15pm-4:15pm)

    CALL-BACK AUDITIONS: Thursday, September 1 (2:15pm-4:15pm)

    Students will be invited to the Call-back Auditions based on the initial auditions.

    Auditions and the Meeting will take place in the Auditorium.


    Auditions will consist of:

    ACTING: Performance of the Audition Scenes. Students should practice these scenes prior to auditions. It is recommended that students read the character descriptions and synopsis to be familiar with the characters and story. They should also give thought as to which characters for which they are best suited. Students do not have to memorize these scenes, but should be very familiar with the text of the scenes.

    MOVEMENT: Students will participate in very basic movement exercises and improvisations based on the animals and other characters in the play.



    Production Information, Character Descriptions, Story Synopsis, and Audition Scenes are available under The Stafford Players Files below this post.


    Please complete the Audition Form in advance (it will also be available to be completed at Auditions) by following this link:



    In order to be considered for casting in this play, a student must submit a completed Student Participation and Parent Notification Form by Thursday, September 1. NO STUDENT WILL BE CAST WITHOUT SUBMITTING THIS FORM. It is available with the audition files under The Stafford Players Files on the Stafford Players web page.


    Your student has auditioned for THE VELVETEEN RABBIT – The Stafford High School Fall Show. If he/she is cast, we ask that you attend the virtual Parent Meeting on Thursday, September 15 at 7pm (via Google Meet.) The purpose of this meeting is to organize support for this production. Without the support of parents, we would be unable to provide great opportunities for students in theater at Stafford High School.

    THE STAFFORD PLAYERS WEB PAGE: www.staffordschools.net/Page/18526

    This is our page on the Stafford High School website (staffordschools.net). The cast list will be posted on The Stafford Players web page by Friday, September 2. Students who are cast should check this regularly. Also, be sure to like & follow The Stafford Players on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and join our Remind!


    An important fundraising component for the Stafford High School Theater Department is the sale of advertisement space in the program for our fall play, THE VELVETEEN RABBIT. Therefore, cast and crew members of THE VELVETEEN RABBIT will be asked to sell THREE (3) Program Advertisements.


    Students in the CAST & CREW will be expected to participate in promotional activities (hanging up posters, banners, etc.) on their own time. More details to come!


    Thursdays, September 8 - October 30 (2:15-4:15pm)

    Monday - Friday, November 1 - Dec 8 (2:15-4:15pm)

    Saturdays, November 5 & 12, and December 3 (10am-4pm)

    Monday- Wednesday, December 12-14 (2:15-4:15pm)

    Crew will attend on Thursday, September 29, and then begin attending all rehearsals beginning on Monday, November 14. Cast will attend all rehearsals.

    NOTES: We will not rehearse during school holidays.


    Saturday, December 3 (10am-4pm); Monday – Thursday, December 5-8 (2:15-4:15pm); Friday, December 9 (2:15-4:15)


    Friday, December 9 (7pm); Saturday, December 10 (2pm & 7pm)

    School day performance(s) for elementary students will be added, dates are TBD but will fall between December 5 and 16.


    All conflicts with the schedule should be reported on the Audition Form and the Student Participation and Parent Notification Form. Allowances may be made at the discretion of the directors for reasonable conflicts which are reported at a later date, such as medical appointments, which are not foreseeable at this time. Please avoid scheduling appointments or trips on the date of a Saturday rehearsal, or between November 14 - December 14, as these times are the most critical in the preparation of the play.

The Stafford Players Files (Audition Materials, Forms, Information etc.)

    Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman
    Production Information (revised 5/25/22)
    Thursday, June 2 (10am-5pm): Rehearsal
    Thursday, July 21 (11am-5:30pm): Vocal Rehearsal
    Thursday, July 28 (10am-5pm): Movement Rehearsal
    Friday, July 29 (10am-5pm): Movement Rehearsal
    Saturday, July 30 (10am-5pm): Movement Rehearsal
    A PDF copy of this information can be found on this page under "The Stafford Players Files."
    The METAMORPHOSES Audition Monologues can be found on this page under "The Stafford Players Files."
    AUDITIONS: Wednesday, May 25 (1:45-3:30pm)
    For auditions, prepare TWO (2) monologues from the METAMORPHOSES Audition Monologues, in which you present two contrasting characterizations. Try to demonstrate variety in vocal and physical qualities, as well as in the tone of each piece. (Memorization of monologues is not required, but it can make a more natural performance.)
    ACTORS: Please complete the audition form by Wednesday, May 18 (you must be logged into your SCPS Google account):
    CREW: Please complete the crew interest form. While there is no deadline, the crew selection process will begin on May 18. (You must be logged into your SCPS Google account):
    Thursday, June 2 (10am-5pm): Rehearsal
    Thursday, July 21 (11am-5:30pm): Vocal Rehearsal
    Thursday, July 28 (10am-5pm): Movement Rehearsal
    Friday, July 29 (10am-5pm): Movement Rehearsal
    Saturday, July 30 (10am-5pm): Movement Rehearsal
    FALL CREW MEETING: Tuesday, August 16 (2:30-5pm)
    Monday – Friday, August 10 – October 21 (2:30-5pm) (Until 6pm the week of Oct. 17)
    Saturday, August 13 (10am-6pm) Saturday, August 27 (10am-6pm)
    Saturday, September 10 (10am-6pm) Saturday, September 24 (10am-6pm)
    Saturday, October 8 (10am-6pm) Friday, October 14 (2:15-7pm)
    Saturday, October 15 (10am-5pm) Saturday, October 22 (10am-6pm)
    * CREW will begin attending rehearsals Wednesday, September 28, and will attend all rehearsals following this date. (Stage management & partial crew will be needed for the August & September rehearsals.)
    FALL DRESS REHEARSALS: Monday – Tuesday, October 24 – 25 (2:30-7pm)
    FALL SCHOOL PERFORMANCE: Tuesday, October 25 (1pm)
    FALL PUBLIC PERFORMANCE: Tuesday, October 25 (7pm)
    VTA CONFERENCE: Wednesday, October 26 – Sunday, October 30 (in Richmond, VA)
    * The cost of attending the VTA Conference will be $200 per student, and students will need to bring money for meals.
    WINTER REHEARSALS: Monday – Friday, January 5 – February 3 (2:30-5pm) (until 6pm during the  week which immediately precedes a festival.)
    Saturday, January 14 (10am-6pm) Monday, January 16 (10am-4pm)
    VHSL 5D2 Sectional Theatre Festival: Date TBD, likely between January 27 and February 4
    VHSL 5D Regional Theatre Festival: Date TBD, likely between February 4 and 18
    VHSL State Theatre Festival: Saturday, March 4 (Piedmont Virginia Community College, Charlottesville, VA)
    The dates for the VHSL sectional and regional theatre festivals are not set. It is expected that students participating in the festival play will change any plans that conflict with the dates for these festivals and the rehearsals which will be scheduled to prepare for them.
    In the event that Stafford advances to the regional and/or state level, weekday after-school rehearsals will be added as needed (2:30pm-5pm, or until 6pm on days immediately preceding the festival performance.)
    On their cast / crew information forms, students were asked to list any periods of time during the Summer during which they will be out of town and unavailable to meet with the directors, as well as conflicts with the above schedule or other extracurricular activities in which they will be involved in the Fall and Winter and when they occur. (Allowances may be made at the discretion of the directors for reasonable conflicts which are reported at a later date, such as medical appointments, which are not foreseeable at this time. These conflicts should be submitted by the first rehearsal on August 10. However, please do not schedule appointments, events or trips on
    August 13, August 27, September 10, September 24, or from October 3 through October 30, or on January 14. Excessive conflicts and absences will result in removal from the production.)

The EMBEDDED Stafford Players Google Calendar

The Stafford Players Calendar

  • Stafford High School International Thespian Society Graduation Honor Cord Policy

    In order to be eligible for a Thespian Graduation Honor Cord, a student must be a member of the International Thespian Society AND participate in at leat one Stafford High School Theater production during their senior year. This can include acting in a play/musical, stage crew for a play/musical, house crew for ALL PERFORMANCES of a play/musical, and/or being a member of the improv team.

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