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    The Stafford Players is the extracurricular theater group for Stafford High School.

    It includes Theater Club and the International Thespian Society, and produces several plays throughout the year.

    For specific information on current and upcoming productions, scroll to the bottom of the page, below the calendar.

    International Thespian Society & Stafford High School Theater Club
    2019-2020 Officers

    President... Jovan Long
    Vice-President (Operations)... Thomas Newsome
    Vice-President (Membership)... Niko Toro
    Secretary... Emily Hamlett
    Historian... Katelyn Pates
    Junior Representative... Austin Cox
    Sophomore Representative... Max Redman


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    PERFORMANCES: April 24 - May 2

    At the Cafe Chez Francis, a group of promoters plot to tear up Paris in order to unearth the oil which they believe is located beneath the city. These plans come to the attention of the Madwoman of Chaillot, who sees through their crookedness and insists that the world is being turned into an unhappy place by the thieves who seek wealth and power. At a tea party attended by the other mad women of Paris, she enlists the denizens of the streets to aid her in putting the businessmen on trial for their crimes, and bring joy, justice and love back into the world.


    The Madwoman of Chaillot
    Audition and Production Information

    AUDITIONS: Monday, January 13 (2:30-5pm)

    CALL-BACK AUDITIONS: Monday, February 3 (2:30-5pm)
    Students will be invited to the Call-back Auditions based on the initial auditions.

    Auditions and the Meeting will take place in the Auditorium.

    Auditions will consist of:
    ACTING: Performance of the Audition Scenes. Students should practice these scenes prior to auditions. It is recommended that students read the character descriptions and synopsis to be familiar with the characters and story. They should also give thought as to which characters for which they are best suited. Students do not have to memorize these scenes, but should be very familiar with the text of the scenes.
    MOVEMENT: Students will participate in very basic movement exercises based on the characters in the play.

    Production Information, Character Descriptions, Story Synopsis, Audition Scenes, and the complete Script are available on under The Stafford Players Files below this post.

    Please complete the Audition Form in advance (it will also be available to be completed at Auditions) by following this link:


    In order to be considered for casting in this play, a student must submit a completed Student Participation & Parent Notification Form by the time of Call-Backs on Monday, February 3. Prospective crew members must return it in order to be added to the stage crew. NO STUDENT WILL BE CAST OR PLACED ON THE CREW WITHOUT SUBMITTING THIS FORM. It is available with the audition files under The Stafford Players Files on the Stafford Players web page.

    Your student has auditioned for or requested to be on the crew for THE MADWOMAN OF CHAILLOT – The Stafford High School Spring Play. If he/she is cast, we ask that you participate by helping with providing meals for the cast, concessions and ticket sales, and promoting the show. Without the support of parents, we would be unable to provide great opportunities for students in theater at Stafford High School.

    THE STAFFORD PLAYERS WEB PAGE: www.staffordschools.net/Page/18526
    This is our page on the Stafford High School website (staffordschools.net). The cast list will be posted on The Stafford Players web page by February 4. Students who are cast should check this regularly. Also, be sure to like & follow The Stafford Players on Facebook.

    An important fundraising component for the Stafford High School Theater Department is the sale of advertisement space in the program for our spring play, The Madwoman of Chaillot. Therefore, cast and crew members of The Madwoman of Chaillot will be asked to sell THREE (3) Program Advertisements.

    Students in the CAST & CREW will be expected to participate in promotional / publicity events and activities during the weekend of April 4 & 5. This will include hanging posters and banners, as well as participating in community events at which we will promote the show.

    Rehearsals begin for the full Cast and Stage Management on Wednesday, February 5.
    The full Stage Crew will begin attending rehearsals on Monday, March 30.

    After-School Rehearsals Include:
    Monday – Friday, February 5 – April 9 (2:30-5pm)
    Friday, April 10 (12-6pm)
    Tuesday – Friday, April 14 – 17 (2:30-6pm)

    Non-School Day Rehearsals Include:
    Saturdays, February 8, 22 & 29 (10am-6pm)
    Friday, March 13 (10am-6pm)
    Saturdays, March 14 & 28 (10am-6pm)
    Monday, April 13 (10am-6pm)
    Saturday, April 18 (10am-6pm)

    Monday – Thursday, April 20 – 23 (2:30-7pm)
    Monday – Wednesday, April 27 – 29 (2:30-7pm)

    Friday – Saturday, April 24 – 25 at 7pm
    Thursday – Saturday, April 30 – May 2 at 7pm
    Matinees on Saturday, April 25 & May 2 at 2pm


The Stafford Players Files (Audition Materials, Forms, Information etc.)

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  • The Trial by Franz Kafka
    Winter Schedule for VHSL (revised 11/6/19)

    Tuesday – Friday, January 7 – 10 (2:30-5pm): Cast & Management
    Saturday, January 11 (10am-6pm): Cast & Management
    Monday – Friday, January 13 – 17 (2:30-5pm): Full Cast & Crew
    Monday, January 20 (10am-4pm): Cast & Management
    Tuesday – Friday, January 21 – 24 (2:30-5pm): Full Cast & Crew
    Tuesday – Thursday, January 28 – 30 (2:30-6pm): Dress Rehearsals – Full Cast & Crew
    Friday, January 31: VHSL Section 5D2 Theater Festival (at Stafford High School)

    If the Sectional Festival needs to be rescheduled due to weather, etc:
    Monday, February 3 (2:30-6pm): SNOW DATE – Dress Rehearsal – Full Cast & Crew
    Tuesday, February 4: SNOW DATE: VHSL Section 5D2 Theater Festival (at Stafford High School)

    If Stafford advances to Regional Theater:
    Monday – Friday, February 10 – 14 (2:30-6pm): Dress Rehearsals – Full Cast & Crew
    Saturday, February 15: VHSL Region 5D Theater Festival (at Stafford High School)

    If the Regional Festival needs to be rescheduled due to weather, etc:
    Monday, February 17: SNOW DATE: VHSL Region 5D Theater Festival (at Stafford High School)
    Monday, February 24: Back-up Snow Date: VHSL Region 5D Theater Festival (at Stafford High School)
    Tuesday – Friday, February 18 – 21 (2:30-6pm): SNOW DATE – Dress Rehearsals – Full Cast & Crew

    If Stafford advances to State Theater:
    Thursday – Friday, February 27 – 28 (2:30-5pm): Full Cast & Crew
    Tuesday – Friday, March 3 – 6 (2:30-6pm): Dress Rehearsals – Full Cast & Crew
    Saturday, March 7: VHSL State Theater Festival (Piedmont Virginia Community College, Charlottesville, VA)


The Stafford Players Calendar

The Stafford Players Google Calendar

  • Stafford High School International Thespian Society Graduation Honor Cord Policy

    In order to be eligible for a Thespian Graduation Honor Cord, a student must be a member of the International Thespian Society AND participate in at leat one Stafford High School Theater production during their senior year. This can include acting in a play/musical, stage crew for a play/musical, house crew for ALL PERFORMANCES of a play/musical, and/or being a member of the improv team.

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