IB Teachers


    IB course instructors receive multiple-day training in their subject areas from IB. When IB course curricula are revised or updated, IB instructors receive updated training.


    In addition to IB training in their subject areas, MVHS IB teachers are supported by the IB Coordinator, IB Mid-Atlantic networking sessions with other teachers of the same subject in the VA-DC-MD-DE area, online Teacher Support Materials provided by IB, access to past IB exam papers and mark schemes, and MyIB, which features a teacher resource exchange and discussion forum used by teachers of the subject from around the globe.


    IB Teachers at MVHS attend IB faculty meetings (in addition to MVHS faculty meetings) to help ensure that teachers of all subjects are communicating about the progress and needs of students program-wide.


    Additionally, teachers of MV 9th & 10th grade subjects work in vertical planning teams with IB teachers of the same subject to ensure that curriculum is aligned from 9th through 12th grade.


    IB Teachers’ scoring of required Internal Assessments is moderated by external IB examiners.

Last Modified on September 7, 2023