IB Subject Fees


    Because IB is an elective program of study, SCPS students are responsible for paying applicable IB subject fees.


    Each IB subject currently costs $119 (school year 2023-2024). This fee, subject to change annually, pays for the materials and examiners for the multiple required IB assessments per course. IB is a nonprofit educational organization; neither MVHS nor IB profit from student subject fees.


    The IB subject fee for each course is due by the end of December of the year in which the exam will be taken. If students are in a 2-year IB course, they do not pay a subject fee in the first year.


    Students who qualify for the Free or Reduced Lunch program will have their IB subject fees reduced or waived.  Families may also apply for financial assistance offered through grants.


    Any student requiring an interest-free payment plan should contact the IB Diploma Coordinator.


    The IB Coordinator visits each IB classroom in September to help students complete IB exam registration forms and discuss fees. Detailed information about the specific exams and costs is sent home to parents at that time.

Last Modified on September 7, 2023