DP Academic Requirements


    The list below indicates those IB courses currently available at MVHS in each area of study. During the 11th and 12th grade, IB Diploma students must complete one course in each area of study; at least 3 (but no more than 4) must be at Higher Level (HL). The remaining courses are studied at Standard Level (SL).


    Studies in Language & Literature
    Language & Literature HL (sometimes also called English A or English A1 by universities)


    Language Acquisition
    Spansh B HL or SL

    German B SL
    French B SL
    Latin SL


    Individuals and Societies
    History of the Americas HL


    Experimental Sciences
    Biology  HL

    Chemistry HL

    Physics SL


    Math App & Int SL
    Math App & Int SL

    Math An & App HL


    Arts & Electives

    Music SL

    Visual Arts HL or SL
    Theatre SL 
    Psychology SL (social studies elective)
    Social & Cultural Anthropology SL (social studies elective)
    Business & Management SL (social studies elective)
    Economics SL (social studies elective)
    Environmental Systems SL (science elective)


    Higher Level (HL) indicates a minimum requirement of 240 instructional hours.
    Standard Level (SL) indicates a minimum requirement of 150 instructional hours.

Last Modified on August 3, 2021