Benefits of the IB DP


    Former MVHS IB Diploma Program students frequently cite the following main benefits of completing the IBDP:


    • exceptional preparation for university-level scholarship, particularly in the areas of time management, writing papers, and conducting research
    • exposure to excellent high school teachers and coursework
    • opportunity to earn weighted credits toward the GPA
    • possibility of earning college credit and/or bypassing basic college courses


    The vast majority of MVHS IB alumni feel that completing the Diploma Program helped them gain admittance to their university of choice.


    In addition, many students cite the following benefits:

    • exposure to a curriculum with a global perspective and emphasis on language acquisition
    • opportunity to become a lifelong learner through the Theory of Knowledge requirement
    • exposure to valuable learning experiences through Creativity-Action-Service


    In Their Own Words

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    On College Readiness

    This study of the benefits of the Extended Essay for UVA students was also recently released. Page 41 features the conclusions of the study.

Last Modified on February 21, 2017