Taking Individual IB Courses (AKA 'Partial IB')


    Students who do not wish to pursue the full IB Diploma Program may take as many individual IB courses at MVHS as their ability, courseload, and schedule will allow. Students interested in IB courses should let their counselors know as early as possible so that all background requirements are met.


    Click here to read the subject briefs (course descriptions) published by IB for each subject offered at MVHS.



      • IB Language & Literature HL (required background: B or above in honors English 9 and 10)


    World Languages (required background: C or higher in previous levels of the target language)

      • IB Spanish B SL
      • IB Spanish B HL
      • IB French B SL
      • IB German B SL
      • IB Latin SL


    Social Studies

      • IB History of the Americas HL (required background: Honors World History 2, AP Comparative Government)
      • IB Social & Cultural Anthropology SL
      • IB Psychology SL



      • IB Math Studies SL (required background: B or higher in Algebra 1, Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra 2)
      • IB Mathematics SL (required background: all of the above plus Math Analysis)
      • IB Mathematics HL (same as Mathematics SL)



      • IB Biology HL (required background: B or higher in Honors Biology & Honors Chemistry)
      • IB Chemistry HL (required background: B or higher in Honors Biology & Honors Chemistry)
      • IB Physics SL (required background: B or higher in Honors Physics)
      • IB Environmental Systems SL



      • IB Visual Art SL or HL (required background: successful completion of Art 1 and 2)
      • IB Theatre Arts (required background: successful completion of Drama 1 and 2)



      • IB Business Management SL
Last Modified on February 21, 2017