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    Students at Colonial Forge High School take pride in accepting responsibilities tied to young adulthood. Students are expected to use good judgment in their behavior and conduct. The Stafford County School System philosophy on discipline is that acceptable behavior is the responsibility of students, parents, and school staff. To promote proper student conduct § 22.1-179.3G and § 16.1-241.2 of the Code of Virginia addresses parental responsibility and involvement in cooperation with school officials. Each student will have on file a Parent/Principal Contract: Code of Student Conduct. All students will exhibit self-control, act responsibly in the hallways, classrooms, and other school property, display proper school bus decorum, and maintain respect for teachers, administrators, school personnel, guests, and fellow students. The Colonial Forge Eagles are especially proud of the school facility and therefore respect the school property and school grounds. To ensure that Colonial Forge High school maintains an atmosphere for learning, students should be aware of several rules:

    • Students are required to carry their student I.D. cards on their person at all times while attending CFHS. Student I.D. cards are issued for security, lunch, textbook checkout, library checkout, ....
    • Students shall not FIGHT, THREATEN, or INTIMIDATE another student or member of the faculty or staff. Violations will result in out-of-school suspension, and a possible recommendation for long-term suspension or expulsion.
    • Students shall not engage in any type of profanity or verbal assault against a teacher, administrator, or professional staff. Again, violations will result in out-of-school suspension, a recommendation for long-term suspension or expulsion.
    • Harassment of students and staff members because of race, sex, and ethnicity WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
    • Any gang, or secret society identified by the administration will not be allowed. The wearing of colors to identify oneself with a gang or secret society will not be allowed.
    • Beepers, cell phones, video equipment, radios, tape or CD players, walk-mans, electronic games, or any other unauthorized communication electronic device are STRICTLY PROHIBITED on school property. Possession of any such device is considered a violation of School Board Policy.
    • Tampering with school computer systems and/or databases which results in illegal access is strictly prohibited. Violation will result in automatic suspension from school. Unauthorized or inappropriate use of any technology will result in disciplinary action. After-school loitering is not permitted. Students must report to their after-school activities by 2:30 pm or must vacate the premises.
    • DEFIANCE, DISRESPECT, AND DISRUPTION will not be tolerated. Violations will result in out-of-school suspension or long term suspension or expulsion.
    • The Administration of CFHS reserves the right to take those actions deemed necessary to ensure that the safety of students, faculty, and guests to the school is maintained, and to provide each student with an effective learning environment.

    Students who violate these and other rules will be subject to disciplinary action. Students who violate the Stafford County Code of Student Conduct may be subjected to various disciplinary actions that range from verbal reprimand to the most severe punishment -- EXPULSION.