Middle - Grades 6-8

  • Stafford County Public Schools provides a comprehensive, challenging curriculum for all students. This comprehensive approach includes direct, explicit reading instruction throughout the middle level grades, with an emphasis on reading comprehension and vocabulary development. Comprehension instruction focuses on strategies for independent learning. Students read fiction, informational, or nonfiction texts, and learn to interpret of visual information including illustrations, charts, graphs and electronic sources such as websites and online encyclopedias.  Writing is a key component of the literacy program and is practiced regularly so each student can enhance his or her writing expertise.


    Meeting Students' Needs

    All middle school students in Stafford County Public Schools receive periodic assessments in reading. An reading assessment is administered at the beginning of each school year in the student’s English class. Students who are reading significantly below grade level receive specialized assistance from the classroom teacher with recommendations from the Reading Specialist.


    Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

    Comprehension instruction is the cornerstone of the English/reading program throughout the middle school years. Direct instruction in vocabulary and facility with expository reading are emphasized to enhance and extend comprehension. The program also includes strong direct writing and editing components to encourage and demonstrate the application of skills. Fostering a love of literature is central to the program and students are strongly encouraged to read independently throughout the school year. The components of our comprehensive English/reading program include the following:

    • Vocabulary Development                
    • Comprehension (fiction and informational text)
    • Independent reading practice
    • Direct writing instruction                 
    • Grammar, Composition, and Editing

    Students will take the appropriate Virginia Standards of Learning Assessment as identified below.


    Standards of Learning Test

    • Grade 6 Reading
    • Grade 7 Reading
    • Grade 8 Reading and Grade 8 Writing


    Parent Involvement

    Parents are recognized as a student’s first and very important literacy influence and are included in all aspects of the literacy program. Ideally, parents and classroom teachers function as a team with assistance from the Reading Specialist, Librarian, English as a Second Language teacher, Speech Pathologist, and others as needed.