History & Social Science Instruction

  • Program Information

    The study of History and Social Science is vital in a democratic society. The Stafford County Public Schools K-12 History and Social Science Program is based on the Virginia Standards of Learning and the accompanying History and Social Science Curriculum Framework. The goal of History and Social Science instruction is to prepare students for informed and responsible citizenship.

    Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

    The Elementary History and Social Science program is a standards-based curriculum designed to provide multiple opportunities to hone skills and gain historical knowledge to promote high student achievement. The content and skills taught in the History and Social Science program include identifying and sequencing events in World, United States and Virginia history; gathering, classifying, recording, and interpreting information and making generalizations about data; identifying and interpreting primary and secondary sources; describing the location of people, places, and things; and participating in groups and democratic society. Students learn the duties and responsibilities of being a citizen in our local community, Virginia, and the United States.  More information about specific courses, can be found on our Course Cards or in the Program of Studies.

    Students will take the appropriate Virginia Standards of Learning Assessment as identified below.

    Grade Level-Type of Virginia Assessment

    Kindergarten - None

    Grade 1 - None

    Grade 2 - None

    Grade 3 - Authentic Performance Assessment/Project-Based Learning

    Grade 4 - SOL Assessment

    Virginia Studies

    Grade 5 - Authentic Performance Assessment/Project-Based Learning 

    US History to 1865                                     

    Grade 6 - Authentic Performance Assessment/Project-Based Learning
    US History 1865 to Present  
    Grade 7 - SOL Assessment
    Civics & Economics
    Grade 8 - No SOL Assessment
    World Geography
    Grade 9 - SOL Assessment and Performance Assessments
    World History & Geography to 1500
    Grade 10 - SOL Assessment 
    World History & Geography 1500-Present
    Grade 11 - SOL Assessment
    Virginia & US History
    Grade 12 - No SOL Assessment
    Virginia & US Government  

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