• Exploring Local History Course


    This year-long elective course will furnish students with an opportunity for an in-depth study of the abundant local history of Stafford County and the greater Fredericksburg region.  The focus of the course will be a multi-perspective examination of the people and places of the greater Fredericksburg region and the effect they had on Virginia, U.S., and world history.  The course will emphasize 21st Century learning skills of information literacy, communication, critical thinking, citizenship, and independent and collaborative learning. Key to successful completion of this course will be ability to conduct research and complete projects.  Students enrolling in the course should have an interest in United States history.

  • Making History Live: Integrating Stafford History into the SOLs
    Instructor: Eric Powell


    Stafford County Public Schools - Making History Live: Integrating Stafford History into the SOLs Overview

    Due to the demands of the SOLs, teachers often do not feel that they have enough time to teach Stafford history. A committee of retired teachers has collected interesting facts, fascinating history, exciting stories, photographs, and oral tales to integrate into the SOLS. Their goal is to make history and the SOLs come alive for Stafford students by connecting them to their community. This tool should also aid teachers from out-of-town who feel they are not familiar with Stafford’s rich history.


    Committee: Jane Conner, Chair, Jane Illi, Mary Cary Kendall, Irene Lombardi, Jerrilynn Eby MacGregor, Eric Powell, Ginny Preda, Marion Brooks Robinson, Vicki Silver, and Alma Withers

    Al Conner included photographs and drawings from Stafford Historical Society’s Digital Archives.  Stafford logo courtesy of Stafford County Department of Tourism.

  • A Stafford History Minute: Government Island

    Author: Stafford County Tourism     Duration: 3:23

  • Local History Quick Links

Making History Live: Integrating Stafford History into the SOLs Files