Stafford Academy for Technology (STAT)

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      STAT Orientation
    STAT Biomedical Science and STAT Engineering
    Rising 9th Graders and new Rising 10th Graders
    Location:  North Stafford High School
    Wednesday, August 4, 2:00-4:00 p.m.
    STAT Information Technology
    Rising 9th Graders and new Rising 10th Graders
    Virtual event on Thursday, July 29, 2:00-4:00 p.m.

    STAT Information Night took place on December 2nd, 2020. If you were unable to attend, you may view video recordings of the session(s) here: 

    Students will be notified of acceptance via email on February 26, 2021, and will have one week to respond to the offer to join the program. 

    If you require information beyond what is available in the resources to the right, please contact your school counselor for enrollment concerns, the STAT teacher for course objectives, assignments, and projects, and the CTE & Workforce Preparedness Lead, Dinah Robinson, for the application process at 540-658-6697 or

    The application process for current 8th-graders is now open! Current 9th-grade students may use the same application to apply, but acceptance is based on available space in the program. 8th-grade students must apply by January 29, 2021, to enter STAT as 9th-graders in Fall 2021.

    STAT Application Instructions 2021-2022 (available under STAT Resources to the right)
    This file contains instructions for how to submit an application to the STAT program for the 2021-2022 school year. The application and all teacher recommendations are to be submitted electronically. There are two clickable links in the application instructions file - one for the application and one for the teacher recommendations. The application is designed for the applicant to fill out at a computer and submit through Google Forms. The student must ask his/her most recent English, Science, and Math teachers to fill out the teacher recommendation form using the link provided. The application and teacher recommendations MUST be submitted online. The application contains instructions for how to type and attach a Statement of Interest to the Google Form. Responses should be typed and may not exceed one (1) page double-spaced. Students will answer the following prompt as a part of the application: 

    Statement of Interest Prompt: 
    Please state which program you are applying to (Biomedical Science, Engineering, or Information Technology), then describe your interest in the program by explaining specific examples related to: 

    a) Personal experiences or connection to the program content (i.e., consider telling a personal story that sparked your interest or describing your involvement in extracurricular activities or clubs) 
    b) Interest in the specific program content area and/or the STAT program in general (i.e., Why are you applying to this program?) 
    c) Careers related to the program content area (i.e., What careers interest you that you hope to pursue or learn more about through being a part of the STAT program?)

    All prospective applicants are expected to attend STAT Information Night on Wednesday, December 2. Google Meet links are provided at the top of this page, and the sessions will be recorded and posted to this page when available. Completed applications are due by January 29, 2021. Students will receive decisions by late-February. Students will receive decisions from all programs to which they applied (CGS, IB, and STAT) before they are expected to make their choice and submit their responses. In general, students will need to choose one program; fulfilling requirements for more than one specialty program cannot be guaranteed due to scheduling issues.

    A competitive selection process is based on the contents of the students' application packet: grades, teacher recommendations, attendance, and statement of interest.  The STAT Application Rubric 2021-2022 is posted under the Resources section for information on how a student’s application will be scored.

    Students in 8th grade who are considering STAT should review their career interests. There are three separate program areas, of which students may only apply to one:  Engineering, Information Technology, or Biomedical Science. 

    Stafford Academy for Technology (STAT) is a state-approved Governor’s STEM Academy.  STAT is a four-year program of study utilizing integrated hands-on, project-based instruction focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) career areas. (STEM includes medical fields). The STAT instructional team includes teachers from sciences,  technology, English, and mathematics.  STAT is open to rising ninth graders on an application basis. The program is half-day. Bus transportation from the base school to the program school is provided.

    STAT offers students the advantage of learning in a "cohort" of like-minded students throughout the four-year program. Course content is integrated when possible to create a coherent learning experience.  Students will undertake service-learning projects and partner with mentors in the business community to build a stronger sense of purpose and a firmer commitment to success in college education, while learning about the demands of the workplace. Students will undertake a senior research project.

    While STAT serves as an excellent preparation for students who look to careers in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics field, it will also help any student develop skills essential in the 21st century workplace:

    • think creatively and implement innovation
    • use systems thinking and solve problems
    • communicate clearly and collaborate
    • locate, evaluate and manage information
    • adapt to change
    • work independently
    • gain expertise through self-directed learning
    • value diversity
    • show accountability
    • lead and respect others

    STAT is designed to help students fulfill their potential in the complex life and work environments of the future.

    General Career Development
    Before applying to the STAT program, students should spend time exploring career options by taking a Career Clusters survey (available under STAT Resources on the right).  SCPS students have three career resources available free of charge: Naviance Family Connection, Virginia Wizard (, and Virginia CareerView (  Virginia CareerView provides in-depth career information (a useful complement to Virginia Wizard.) 

    Project Lead the Way College Credit
    Students who wish to receive college credit for their completed Project Lead the Way (PLTW) course or courses should visit the Project Lead The Way website for a list of college affiliates. Students and families should be aware that credit is applied differently by different institutions and should contact an advisor at their intended college to determine the value of PLTW college credits.

    STAT Curriculum (available under  STAT Resources to the right)
    STAT is currently an Honors cohort, with academic courses in English, sciences and mathematics offered at the Honors level. Students in 11th and 12th grade have the choice to "opt up" and take college-level courses in English and sciences at their base school to satisfy STAT curricular requirements, while remaining in the technical courses (double-blocked) at their program school.