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        Stafford Academy for Technology (STAT) is a state-approved Governor’s STEM Academy.  STAT is a four-year program of study utilizing integrated hands-on, project-based instruction focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) career areas. (STEM includes medical fields). The STAT instructional team includes teachers from sciences,  technology, English, and mathematics.  STAT is open to rising ninth graders on an application basis. Students accepted for the 2023-2024 school year will be permanently enrolled at the high school where the STAT Academy program is housed: Biomedical Science (located at NSHS), Engineering (located at NSHS), or Information Technology (located at BPHS). Previously enrolled/accepted 10-12th grade students will remain STAT travel students.

        STAT offers students the advantage of learning in a "cohort" of like-minded students throughout the four-year program. Course content is integrated when possible to create a coherent learning experience.  Students will undertake service-learning projects and partner with mentors in the business community to build a stronger sense of purpose and a firmer commitment to success in college education, while learning about the demands of the workplace. Students will undertake a senior research project.

        While STAT serves as an excellent preparation for students who look to careers in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics field, it will also help any student develop skills essential in the 21st century workplace:

        • think creatively and implement innovation
        • use systems thinking and solve problems
        • communicate clearly and collaborate
        • locate, evaluate and manage information
        • adapt to change
        • work independently
        • gain expertise through self-directed learning
        • value diversity
        • show accountability
        • lead and respect others

        STAT is designed to help students fulfill their potential in the complex life and work environments of the future.

        General Career Development
        Before applying to the STAT program, students should spend time exploring career options by taking a Career Clusters survey (available under Resources tab above).  SCPS students have three career resources available free of charge: Naviance Family Connection, Virginia Wizard (www.vawizard.org), and Virginia Career VIEW (www.vaview.net)  Virginia Career VIEW provides in-depth career information (a useful complement to Virginia Wizard.) 

        Project Lead the Way College Credit
        Students who wish to receive college credit for their completed Project Lead the Way (PLTW) course or courses should visit the Project Lead The Way website for a list of college affiliates. Students and families should be aware that credit is applied differently by different institutions and should contact an advisor at their intended college to determine the value of PLTW college credits.

        STAT Curriculum (available under Resources tab above)
        STAT is currently an Honors cohort, with academic courses in English, sciences and mathematics offered at the Honors level. Before entering Grade 11, students can choose to opt-up from the Honors-level cohort to Advance Placement (AP), Dual Enrollment (DE), or International Baccalaureate®  (IB) classes if available.  Students who choose to opt-up are allowed to remain in the STAT cohort for the academy courses only.


      • The STAT application has three parts.

      • Part 1: Complete the Application

      • Part 2: In-Person Statement of Interest Essay

      • Part 3: Teacher Recommendations


      • Question


        What is the deadline by which we must accept or decline an offer to attend a secondary program?

        February 6, 2023

        What are the facts around VHSL eligibility and transfer policies?

        VHSL eligibility is established at  the high school where students enroll  as a 9th grade student. Students will then have 8 consecutive semesters of VHSL Athletic Eligibility. Students transferring back to their home-zoned school or another high school that does not correspond with a family move MAY have to sit out of all VHSL competitions for 365 days (per VHSL policies - see school administration).

        VHSL Handbook - Guidelines for VHSL eligibility requirements are located on pages 70-90, Section 28 - Individual Eligibility Regulations.

        Athletic and Activities Code Of Conduct - VHSL Summary Eligibility Regulations page 48-49

        VHSL Eligibility Requirements are also located on page one of the VHSL Physical Form found on page 50 of the Athletic and Activities Code Of Conduct

        If students exit a special program, will they be allowed to participate in sports after transferring?

        Students are subject to VHSL eligibility policies, including policies that are impacted by transferring from one high school to another.

        If a student leaves a secondary program, will they be required to return to their home-zoned school?

        Yes. The student’s return date will depend upon the date of withdrawal from the program and after consideration of scheduling options and course availability. 

        Will students be able to participate in CTE programs in addition to the secondary program they attend?

        Students may participate in any of the CTE programs offered at the school to which they transfer, subject to course scheduling and availability. 

        What happens if I have one of two siblings that were accepted to a secondary program housed at a school to which they are not zoned? 

        If one sibling chooses to accept the offer to attend, then the siblings will attend different schools.

        Will families have a choice which school they attend? 

        Beginning with rising 9th grade students in 2023-2024, students accepted to CGS, STAT, and Cyber 4+ will be transferred to a school offering a secondary program based on their home-zoned school. School transfer has been standard previous practice for IB students.

        How will students be transported to their designated secondary program school?

        Daily transportation from and to the home will be provided.

        How long can I expect my student to ride on the bus if traveling to a school that is not our original base school?

        Typically, our goal is to have students ride a bus no longer than 90 minutes. However, details regarding transportation will be available prior to the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year.

        Can rising 10th, 11th, and 12th graders in 2023-2024 choose to be transferred instead of traveling midday each day?

        Rising 9th graders that accept an offer to attend a secondary program in 2023-2024 will be required to transfer to a designated school for IB, CGS, STAT, or Cyber4+. Current high school students in 2022-2023 that wish to transfer need to follow transfer request procedures outlined in Stafford County Public Schools Policy 2103 and Regulation 2103-R.

        How do students register for dual enrollment classes through Germanna?

        High school counselors will work with the student and parents through the process to enroll students in dual enrollment coursework.

        Will students be permitted to drive to the school to which they are transferred? Will the student have permission to take a rider when driving to the new school? 

        Yes, each high school allows student drivers. All high schools have procedures in place for purchasing parking permits and registering to drive. The maximum number of non-family passengers in a car for young drivers is determined by state law and is at the discretion of the parent.

        What is the criteria by which my child is evaluated for acceptance?

        STAT Evaluation Rubric

        CGS Evaluation Rubric

        Cyber4+ Evaluation Rubric


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