Middle School Mathematics Placement Process

  • Overview

    Over the past several decades, the approach to K-12 mathematics education has changed with the advent of new standards, new expectations and new research. These changes have prompted a response by educators to ensure that students are receiving a complete and viable curriculum, while allowing for options to meet the needs of all students. The importance of the complete K-8 mathematics program cannot be overlooked. Similarly, the idea that acceleration without mastery and depth of exposure to content is acceptable must be changed. Contrary to popular belief, all advanced mathematics, college, and career opportunities have a basis in a student's understanding of K-8 mathematics. This is why the Office of Mathematics along with the K-8 Mathematics Specialists, review the K-8 Mathematics program and the Middle School Mathematics Placement process annually to ensure students have access to all concepts and skills that will provide a solid mathematics foundation.

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    Kathleen Stoebe

    Secondary Mathematics Coordinator

    Email:  stoebekp@staffordschools.net

    Phone: (540) 658-6701


    Kimberly Hayden

    Elementary Mathematics Coordinator

    Email: haydenka@staffordschools.net

    Phone:  (540) 658-6674