What is Robotics

  • Robotics is where computer science and engineering collide. 

What is a Robot?

  • Robots, no matter the size or function, have the following characteristics:

    • Sensing - Awareness of its surroundings (i.e., light sensors (eyes), pressure sensors (hands), chemical sensors (nose), sonar sensors (ears).
    • Movement - Move around its environment (i.e., on wheels, on legs, thrusters).
    • Energy - Use a form of energy (i.e., solar, electrical, battery).
    • Intelligence - Intelligence = programmable 

    Robots are fun to play with at any age; but building robots is amazing. This is why SCPS is dedicated to expanding students interaction with robots through the incorporation of STEM activities in the curriculum and after-school.

    Examples of Robotics in SCPS, but not limited to:

    WeDo 2.0 - Elementary

    SeaPerch - Elementary, Middle, and High

    RCX/NXT Robotics Club - Elementary

    EV3 Robot Club - Elementary, Middle, and High

    Virginia Demonstration Project (VDP) - Middle

    FIRST Lego League/Tech Challenge/Robotics Challenge - Middle and High


Contact Information

Contact Information