• Rising 6th Grade Students


    Extended Mathematics Placement Criteria

  • Placement Criteria

  • Student Work Characteristic rubrics consist of 5 categories:


    1. Habits of Mind
      • Perserveres through challenging situations
      • Demonstrates a positive attitude toward learning
    2. Connections
      • Connects understanding of previously learned and new content
      • Independently transfers understanding of previously learned and new concepts to real world situations
      • Synthesizes multiple concepts from across contents
    3. Critical Thinking
      • Applies multiple strategies over time which demonstrates flexible thinking
      • Analyzes his/her work and makes revisions as necessary
    4. Reasoning and Proof
      • Demonstrates the ability to make sense of mathematics
      • Able to defend his/her work with viable arguments
    5. Communication with Mathematical Representation
      • Clearly articulates his/her ideas orally and in writing
      • Evaluates ideas of others
      • Exhibits thinking in multiple ways


    5th Grade Teachers complete recommendation rubrics for all rising 6th graders. There are 4-levels for each category: Rarely (1), Occasionally (2), Usually (3), and Consistently (4).



    If you have questions regarding the placement process, please contact the Mathematics Specialist at your child's school.

  • Timeline: 5th Grade Year

    Late Spring: - NWEA MAP Growth Assessment and 5th Grade SOL are  given.

                        - Teacher Recommendation Rubric is completed by 5th grade teacher.

    Questions about the process can be directed to your child’s 5th grade teacher or the Mathematics Specialist at the Elementary School.


    Early June:   - Elementary schools review data to make initial recommendations.

    Mid June:      -  Middle schools review the information provided by the Elementary Schools and make the final recommendation for student placement.  

    Late June:     - Notification letters are mailed home by the middle school. 

    Questions can be directed to the Mathematics Specialist at your designated middle school.

  • Contact Information 

    • Kathleen Stoebe

      Secondary Mathematics Facilitator

      Email:  stoebekp@staffordschools.net

      Phone: (540) 658-6701


      Kimberly Hayden

      Elementary Mathematics Facilitator

      Email: haydenka@staffordschools.net

      Phone:  (540) 658-6674