• Pre-Algebra Intensified Placement Criteria For Rising 6th Grade Students

    Must meet 3 out of 4 criteria to be recommended for Pre-Algebra Intensified.  

    • 4th Grade Mathematics SOLs - 475 or higher
    • 5th Grade Mathematics SOLs - 500 or higher
    • NWEA MAP Growth Mathematics test - 75th percentile or higher, RIT 230 or higher 
    • Teacher Recommendation - Students must score 18 out of 20 points on a rubric that includes information about students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills, as well as their habits of mind (i.e., attitude toward learning and perseverance).

  • Teacher Recommendation Rubric
    Categories for 
    Student Work Characteristics:

    1. Habits of Mind
      • Perseveres through challenging situations
      • Demonstrates a positive attitude toward learning
    2. Connections
      • Connects understanding of previously learned and new content
      • Independently transfers understanding of previously learned and new concepts to real world situations
      • Synthesizes multiple concepts from across contents
    3. Critical Thinking
      • Applies multiple strategies over time which demonstrates flexible thinking
      • Analyzes his/her work and makes revisions as necessary
    4. Reasoning and Proof
      • Demonstrates the ability to make sense of mathematics
      • Able to defend his/her work with viable arguments
    5. Communication with Mathematical Representation
      • Clearly articulates his/her ideas orally and in writing
      • Evaluates ideas of others
      • Exhibits thinking in multiple ways

     5th Grade Teachers complete recommendation rubrics for all rising 6th graders. There are 4-levels for each category: Rarely (1), Occasionally (2), Usually (3), and Consistently (4).

    If you have questions regarding the placement process, please contact the Mathematics Specialist at your child's school.


  • Timeline: 5th Grade Year

    Spring      - NWEA MAP Growth Assessment and 5th Grade SOL are given.

                    - Teacher Recommendation Rubric is completed by each 5th-grade teacher.

    Questions about the process can be directed to your child’s 5th-grade teacher or the Mathematics Specialist at the Elementary School.

     Mid May    - Elementary schools review data to make initial recommendations.

    Late May   - Middle schools review the information provided by the elementary schools and make the final recommendation for student placement.  

     Early June - Notification letters are mailed home by the middle schools. 

    Questions about mathematics placement should be directed to your child's designated middle school.