• Middle School Programs 

    SCPS middle school courses are designed to expand student’s understandings of the K-5 curriculum, while beginning their preparation for career or post-secondary options after graduation. Students are encouraged to explore their interests by joining extra-curricular clubs, activities, and/or organizations and enrolling in music, drama, and technology courses. Middle school is not just about the content knowledge of students expanding, but is also the social and emotional skill development that will be an asset throughout school, work and life.

    Transition to Middle School

    The transition to middle school is different for students and parents. Some students may find themselves in an entirely new location, while other students may only have to switch to the other side of a building. No matter which SCPS middle school students will attend, one thing always remains the same about this important step-up: it's a chance for adventure. SCPS middle school educators are here to guide families through this process.