• School Year 2019-2020

     Hello Widewater Wildcats!

    Medical Exclusions from School / Reasons a student should stay home from school:

    Nurses' judgement or parental discretion

    Fever over 100 degrees orally within the past 24 hours

    Active vomiting within the past 24 hours

    Diarrhea within the past 24 hours

    Severe earache

    Swollen or painful joints from injury

    Suspected contagious conditions (until on treatment for 24-48 hours):

    • pediculosis (head lice)

    • conjunctivitis with drainage (pink eye)

    • chicken pox

    • scabies

    • undiagnosed rashes

    • any other communicable disorders

    Injury or illness requiring further immediate treatment


    Stafford County School Board Policy on medications and treatments during the school day:

    If your student requires any treatment or medication during schoool hours it is required that a Doctor's order and your signature granting your permission to dispense the medication or treatment be on file in the clinic. If your student received medication or treatments here at school last year a new Request for Treatment or Medication form must be submitted for the school year 2018-2019 to continue the treatment or medication. This includes over the counter medications such as: Tylenol (acetaminophen), Advil (ibuprofen), any prescription medications, emergency epinepherine, as well as asthma inhalers.

    The medication must be in the original container, if it is an over the counter product, or in the original prescription bottle with student's name on it from the pharmacyIt should be delivered to the clinic by the parent/guardian, if there is a problem please contact my office to make the necessary arrangements.

    Short term medications, such as antibiotics, may be administered by the school nurse when necessary, as long as it is in the original bottle and a medication permission form has been signed by the physician and consent by the parent/guardian at the bottom of the Request for Treatment and/or Medication form. Short Term Medications are those that are given for usually 10 days or less and can not be worked around school hours. 

    The forms for medication and treatments at school can be found under the forms tab of this page, on the Stafford County Public Schools web page under Health Services /site/Default.aspx?PageID=13860, or they may be picked up in the clinic at school. 

    Here is a list of commonly used items in the clinic. If your student should not be using any of these items please contact the clinic as soon as possible:

    Rubbing Alcohol                     Antibiotic Ointment                    Bactine

    Calamine Lotion                     Clear Anti-itch gel                      Chloraseptic Spray

    First Aid Cream                      Hand lotion                               Isotonic Eye Wash

    Saline Contact solution           Vaseline       


    The Mobile Dentist will be coming to Widewater Elementary School this November. I will be sending home application forms soon with students. Please fill out and return the application to the clinic in order for your student to be seen, here at school, by the mobile dentist if they qualify for the program.

    During the school year I am required to screen all Kindergarten and 3rd grade students for vision or hearing problems. I will begin screening kindergarten and 3rd grade students in September. If you are sent a referral letter for follow up, please return the completed form to school.

    I am looking forward to working with the students and families of Widewater Elementary School and hope to have great year with all of you.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach me in the clinic at 540-658-6380, option 4.


    Melissa Rivera, RN-BSN

    School Health Nurse 






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