Course Online Request Process

Course Online Request Information for the 2020-2021 School Year

  • Course Online Request Process Information for the 2020-2021 School Year

    What is Course Online Request (COR) and How Does it Affect Me?

    Course Online Request (COR) is where you and your student(s) can register for classes for the 2020-2021 school year through your ParentVUE and/or StudentVUE account online.  Students in grades 9-11 must complete their course online request.  Course online registration must be completed on a computer (desktop or laptop).  You cannot use the ParentVUE or StudentVUE mobile app to register for classes.


    The Course Online Request window is available from Monday, January 13, 2020, to Thursday, January 30, 2020.

    Although the course registration process is online, rather than completed through paper forms and submitted to our Counseling Center, you will still receive a paper, course registration form that will act as a draft worksheet as you sit down with your student to map out their course request for the next school year.  You will not have to return the paper, course registration form though.  Rather, you will access your ParentVUE account, if you are a parent/guardian, or your StudentVUE account, if you are a student, to complete the online registration form.  A counselor will still meet with your student to go over their course registration form as it was completed online and make any necessary changes after the window closes.
    You must have access to a computer/laptop and either a Synergy ParentVUE account or StudentVUE account to complete the course online registration.  You cannot complete course online registration on the ParentVUE or StudentVUE mobile app.

Video Presentation on the 2020-2021 Course Registration Process

How Do I Get Synergy ParentVUE or StudentVUE Access to Complete the Course Online Request?

  • If you do not have a Synergy ParentVUE or StudentVUE account, you will need to request an activation key in order to complete the course online request.
    You may request an activation key by doing one of the following:

    • Contact your student’s counselor, a member of the Counseling Center, or stop by our Counseling Center.  Our Counseling Center is open Monday-Friday, 7:00 AM-4:00 PM.


    Counseling Center Member Extension Student Last Names (For Counselors Only)
    Jessica Buono Wood, Counselor Ext. 1172 Student Last Names A-Cha
    Carol Mayer, Counselor Ext. 1114 Student Last Names Che-Gaq
    Sandra Gardella-Cherry, Counselor Ext. 1115 Student Last Names Gar-La
    Ryan Braun, Counselor Ext 1123 Students Last Names Le-Park
    Barbara Smiley-Ingalls, Counseling Director Ext. 1121 Student Last Names Parker-She
    Sonya Smith, Counselor Ext. 1120 Student Last Names Shi-Z
    Miranda Rinck, Administrative Assistant Ext. 1122  
    Donnita St. Amour, Registrar Ext. 1116  
    Melissa Rogers, Data Processor Ext. 1124  


    • Complete an online request form to receive a Synergy ParentVUE/StudentVUE Activation Key.  Please allow 5-7 business days for your request to be processed if using the online request form.

Open Lab Session

  • PC Computer Open Lab Session So We Can Assist You, If You Need It
    I Don't Have Access to a Computer (Desktop or Laptop) with an Internet Connection.  How Do I Complete the Course Online Request?

    If you or your student do not have access to a computer with an Internet connection, or would like assistance with the course online request process, our high school has arranged an open lab nights where you are welcome to come to our high school and use a computer to complete the course online request.

    Computer labs will be made available for our students and parents/guardians to complete the course online request on Thursday, January 23, 2020, from 6:45 PM-8:30 PM  in our Library's Tech Lab.

    Remember that you or your student is able to complete the course online request on any computer (desktop or laptop) with an Internet connection.

Resources for Course Online Request (COR)

Directions on How to Complete the Course Online Request (COR)

    1. You must choose at least a minimum of 12 courses with a maximum of 14 courses total.  Choose 8 courses with 4-6 alternates (8 + 4 to 6 = 12 to 14 courses).
    2. When searching for any Business/Marketing courses, you must select the filter category Career and Technical Education.  All Business/Marketing classes are located in the Career and Technical Education category and not in the Business category.
    3. Click on the link below in the Complete Your Course Online Request for the 2020-2021 School Year section to begin your course online request through ParentVUE or StudentVUE.
    4. Virtual Virginia courses are not available to request in the course online request system.  Please let your counselor know if you would like to take a Virtual Virginia course when you meet with your counselor to confirm your course request.
    5. Disregard the text box that asks for a password to lock your course requests.  This will be done by your counselor.  The courses you select are automatically saved once you select the button to move the selected requests to your selected course requests.

Video Presentation on How to Complete the Course Online Request

Complete Your Course Online Request for the 2020-2021 School Year


    Click Here to Request Your or Your Student's Courses Now


    Course Online Request will be open from Monday, January 13, 2020, to Thursday, January 30, 2020.  Changes to the online course request may be made during the open window by clicking on the link above.  After this window closes, all course request changes must be made through your student's counselor.