• Amy Zurasky

    Educational Diagnostician

               school bus   Hello!  I am happy to be starting my ninth year at Hartwood Elementary!  I am a Virginia State licensed special education teacher (Learning Disabilities). I do not directly work with students anymore, but serve several support roles. 

     I am part of the Student Education Committee ("SEC") and Eligibility team.  At times, I will be the special education designee who oversees different types of meetings such as IEPs(Individualized Education Plan) for those students who already receive special education, 504 plans for students with medical conditions, SEC meetings, and others as needed.  I support Mrs. Fraser, the Assistant Principal who is the Administrative Designee and also serve beside her along with a number of educational professionals who meet regarding students and their academic or behavioral concerns.

    If a student is recommended for educational achievement testing as part of an initial evaluation or triennial evaluation for special education, I conduct the testing and present my findings in a report to the parents and staff at the eligibility meeting.  I also conduct classroom observations as part of special education evaluations or 504 evaluations.  Another role is to brainstorm with the SEC to identify interventions and strategies to teachers and parents in order to support their students' unique needs.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me  at zuraskyar@staffordschools.net or call the school, 540-752-4441