IB Exam Information

  • IB exams are excellent assessments of subject content and skill mastery -- preparing for all IB assessments will hone students' critical thinking, communication skills, collaborative skills, and creativity in problem-solving.

    All IB assessments are carefully crafted to give students a broad range of ways to demonstrate their learning; thus all components of IB assessment are required for each IB course.  This includes all internal assessments (IAs -- projects and essays) and external assessments (EAs -- exams, final projects, and final portfolios, etc.).

    IB exam dates are set by IBO one year ahead of time and are immovable.  Accommodations (for IEPs and 504s) are taken into account with IB approval.  AP conflicts are also accommodated.


    For details on IB exams at BPHS, click buttons, left.


    Results (IB exam scores) become available around noon on July 6 each year.

    Students must check the results themselves; they are not sent home.

    Go to candidates.ibo.org, and enter the login information.  Contact the IB Coordinator if you need this information -- regardless of the year you graduated.  She can get this for you at any time.