• The main focus of the eSports Club will be the development of strategic thinking and teamwork of members through eSports competitions and practice. We will spend time discussing this new frontier in online competition and entertainment. The scope of the club is fairly broad and we discuss strategy related to all types of games, not merely limited to MOBAs like League of Legends (LoL), turn-based strategy games like Hearthstone, or synergystic first-person games like Overwatch.

    This year, we are excited to be participating in a VHSL pilot program designed to reach out to all students by offering them another avenue of competition. As such, our regular meeting times will be moving to alternating Tuesdays throughout the school year. We will be meet in the Library computer lab from 2:25 PM - 4:15 PM on these days. Please pay attention to announcements and emails as these meetings are subject to change.

    Sponsor: Mr. Mulreany (CGS English Teacher at Colonial Forge, can be found in Room 203 or 222)