• Hi!  I am Heather Jacobs, the Speech-Language Pathologist at Kate Waller Barrett Elementary School.  I work collaboratively with teachers and parents to support the communication needs of students preschool through 5th grade.  As you all know, communication is key for success.  Therefore, I support students with their speech sound productions, following directions, responding to questions, and expressing their wants and needs to name a few.  I have had a great year with the students I have been able to work with and am sad that the year has come to an end.  Hoping everyone has a wonderful summer.  I look forward to seeing each of my students in September.


    Suggestions to continue building speech and/or language skills:

    • -Navigate your environment
    • -Ask follow-up questions about what you all are doing as a family even if it is running to the store.  (example:  We need to go to the store and pick up vegetables.  Questions to ask: What are we going to get?  Where are we going?)
    • -While reading talk about what is happening in the pictures and ask questions
    • -While reading have your child tell/retell information regarding what has been read
    • -Have the student find words in the book that has sounds they are working on
    • -Continue modeling appropriate speech productions
    • -Have the student use the mirror for correct placement of his/her mouth/tongue for better speech productions
  • The end of the year is here.  I am wishing you all a wonderful summer break.  Please take the time to have fun, play, and practice your speech and/or language skills.  I will miss you all but look forward to seeing you in September!

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