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  • What is Battle of the Books and how does the annual competition work?

    The Battle of the Books is a county-wide reading competition held annually in the spring with the goal of creating positive reading experiences for our teams. Students participate throughout the school year by reading books from the list and joining in meeting activities to celebrate our shared reading experiences. Each team member must read at least one of the books. All the books must be read by at least one team member, but we stand the best chance in competition with more members having read and familiarized themselves with more books.

    During the competition, teams collaborate on their answers and write them out on a dry-erase board. Points are given to each team (school) with the correct answer(s). The team with the most points overall wins. All participating competitors are invited to a post-competition party.

    Curious about the battle? The three styles of competition questions are:

    • Short answer
    • "Which character said/did . . ."
    • "In which book did . . . happen?"
  • Join Now!

    We meet about twice a month depending on members' schedules and SCPS holidays. This year we'll be considering morning meetings before school instead of after school meetings. Come to the interest meeting at the begining of the year to be involved in planning our meeting schedule for the year! To be sure you don't miss anything, please join our team's Google Classroom (code: yxwcna4). Traditionally, each meeting focuses on a particular book. We'll keep everyone posted as to when each book's meeting is scheduled (bulletin boards, emails, announcements, and a Google Calendar). Typically meetings involve everyone pitching in to summarize the story (be prepared for spoilers), snacking on featured foods, sharing a themed musical playlist, watching short videos or related news clips, playing games (in-person or virtual/asynchronous), creating a "murder board" together, or solving a breakout room event. Join Remind to get notices about when we meet.  Text @battle22 to 81010.  

Last Modified on September 2, 2021