Homebound Services

  • Homebound instruction is deigned to provide continuity of educational services between the classroom or health care facility, for students whose medical needs, both physical and psychiatric, do not allow school attendance for a limited period of time. Homebound instruction may be used to supplement the classroom program for students with health impairments whose conditions may interfere with regular school attendance (e.g., students receiving dialysis or radiation/chemotherapy; or students with other serious health conditions). Students must be enrolled in a public school in Virginia in order to receive homebound instruction.

    Homebound instruction is not intended to supplant school services and is by design temporary. While no specific number of days can be set due to many complex situations that arise for students, instruction should take place in the school setting to the fullest extent possible. The student’s inability to attend school for medical reasons, both physical and psychiatric, must be certified by a licensed physician or licensed clinical psychologist.


Additional Information


    Eligibility for homebound instruction is determined on the basis of medical evidence submitted by the licensed physician or the licensed clinical psychologist. The school division reviews all requests for completeness of information and appropriateness of the request. School divisions will request that the parent/guardian sign a release of information form allowing the physician or licensed clinical psychologist to share information or clarify the information provided for approval of homebound instruction. Approval is determined by school division personnel on the basis of the student’s documented need for service. School divisions will take into consideration a student’s participation in extracurricular activities or employment when determining eligibility for homebound instruction.
    The Individual Education Program (IEP) team must amend the IEP to meet the special education student’s temporary instructional needs based on the approved certification of need for homebound instruction. Parental consent must be obtained to amend the IEP, prior to initiation of homebound services.
    For additional information regarding Homebound Instruction, please refer to the Stafford County Public Schools Policy Manual, Section 2504/2504-R or the Virginia Department of Education web site.


    Homebound Instruction is temporary. Requests for medical homebound will be honored for a period of no more than nine weeks. Requests extending beyond 9 weeks will need to be documented by a statement from the attending physician. 
    Homebound instruction is provided to eligible students whose medical needs (physical or psychiatric) prevent regular school attendance for an extended period of time, usually greater than two weeks. Accommodations for absences of less than a two week duration are developed on an individual basis by the student’s base school staff.
    Homebound instruction is not a remediation program, but is designed to provide continuity of educational services and keep the student current while classroom instruction is being missed. Homebound instruction is considered temporary with a goal of facilitating the student’s return to school within a specific period of time.

    • If a student cannot attend school for medical reasons, the treating physician may recommend homebound services by completing the Homebound Referral Form.
    • The completed form is returned to the Homebound Contact Person at the student’s school.
    • Approval for services is determined by school division personnel on the basis of the student’s documented need for services.
    • Students remain in school for the duration of pregnancy unless there are documented medical complications which preclude school attendance.
    • The Homebound Referral Form must be filled out by the student’s attending OB/GYN and returned to the Homebound Contact Person at the student’s school.
    • Approval for services is determined by school division personnel on the basis of the student’s documented need for services.
    • The student will be authorized 6 weeks of homebound following the delivery of her baby and then return to school.
    • The Homebound Referral Form is completed by the Psychiatrist or Clinical Psychologist . A letter outlining the student’s treatment plan must be submitted with the homebound form. This information must come from a Mental Health Specialist rather than a General Practitioner.
    • The completed form is return to the Homebound Contact Person at the student’s school.
    • Approval for services is determined by school division personnel on the basis of the student’s documented need for services.  
    Homebound Referral Forms are available from the counseling office or main office in each school or by contacting the Office of Homebound Services. 
    The student, parent(s) and/or guardian(s) are expected to work cooperatively with the assigned homebound teacher with regard to the following:
    1. Providing an environment conducive to learning.
    2. Ensuring that a responsible adult is present in the home when the homebound teacher is working with your child.
    3. Keeping all appointments with the homebound teacher as arranged. Excessively missed appointments may result in the student’s inability to earn credits or be promoted and may result in termination of homebound services.
    4. Making every effort to keep up with assignments.
    5. Advising the homebound teacher of any change in medical status, which would necessitate modification, or termination of Homebound services.
     If you have any questions, please call the Office of Homebound Services at (540) 658-6000.


    Any individual employed as a homebound teacher must hold a Virginia teacher’s license or be determined eligible for such by the Division of Teacher Education and Licensure of the Virginia Department of Education. A homebound teacher should have a broad background of professional training and experience to adapt instruction to each student’s needs. Teachers engaging in academic instruction in the home should also be able to adjust to a variety of home situations and be knowledgeable of cultural diversity.


    Persons serving as homebound teachers should:
    1. Maintain close contact with the student’s teachers and counselor to receive and implement appropriate educational programs.
    2. Maintain and file with the designated school division representative an accurate record of the hours of instruction provided for each assigned student. Submit Homebound Time Sheet by the 11th of each month to the Alternative Education Office.
    3. Submit students’ completed work to the designated school representative prior to the end of the grading period and maintain a written documentation of work completed with the homebound records.
    4. Notify the case manager and Homebound Office when the student completes homebound instruction and returns to school.
    5. Keep a Log Of Assignments received from the school and work returned along with dates and comments. This may be valuable if assignments received by the classroom teacher appear to be incomplete.
    6. Generally work is submitted to the classroom teacher for grading.  Please discuss this with the individual classroom teacher(s) for clarification.

    Generally, homebound instruction takes place in the student's home.  Occasionally, instruction occurs in an alternate setting, such as the Public Library. Please keep the case manager informed of any necessary change in location.


    Homebound is usually provided Monday through Friday on days when school is in session. In some instances services may be delivered in the evening or on the weekend depending upon the student’s medical condition or the availability of an adult to be present. The parent/guardian and the homebound teacher mutually determine the schedule. Cancellation of the instructional time by either party is highly discouraged and is to be avoided except in cases of emergency and/or illness.
    Homebound Teachers are either currently employed as teachers for SCPS or listed as substitute teachers for SCPS. If you are not employed by SCPS and wish to become a homebound teacher, please contact Human Resources to submit an application and attend the orientation for substitute teachers.