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  •  Blue Phoenix

    The Phoenix Center for Innovative Learning


    125 University Blvd
    Fredericksburg, Virginia 22406
    Phone:  540-286-8985  |  Fax:  540-286-8992

    The Phoenix Center for Innovative Learning
    Principal, William Boatwright:Email

    Administrative Assistant for Ms. Pinkerton, Nancy Tryon :Email

    Regional Program Counselor, Andy Sheston :Email
    Registrar for Regional and Evening Program, Nancy Tryon :Email

    Turning Point Counselor, Kara Stansbury :Email
    Registrar for Turning Point Program, Zenda Rhoads :Email 

    Directions: The Phoenix Center for Innovative Learning is located at the University of Mary Washington, Stafford Campus.   Take 95 South to exit 133 towards Warrenton/off Rt 17 and Village Parkway, next to Wal Mart.