6-8 Gifted Services

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    Middle School Gifted Services

    A variety of service delivery models exists in the middle schools, including "pull-out" and "push-in” services, advanced coursework, virtual education, and collaborative teaching experiences.  By meeting with the students regularly to set goals, monitor progress, and acknowledge growth, and by working with the general education teachers to provide resources and strategies for meeting the needs of the gifted students in their respective classes, the gifted resource teacher at each middle school is an integral member of the staff with a necessary and unique skill set.  Identified middle school gifted students are provided the following:

    Resource--Students have a variety of opportunities to work with intellectual peers in a pull-out or enrichment situation, where the curriculum is enhanced and differentiated beyond the typical grade-level classroom experience.

    Cluster Grouping--Students are grouped with other identified gifted students in the general education classroom to provide opportunities with like-minded peers.

    Advanced Coursework-- The courses offer an opportunity for students to work at an advanced pace and depth and breadth. Students have the opportunity to experience more rigorous opportunities and accelerated content.

    Classroom Teacher Resource Support--Each school (K-12) has one gifted resource teacher who works with students, classroom teachers, parents, and administrators to provide opportunities to nurture our gifted students’ abilities. Using a coaching model provides the gifted resource teacher the opportunity to push into classrooms and pull-out students to meet their needs.

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