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    Focus on Excellence: Gifted and Secondary Programs (GSP)
    Focus is Stafford County Public Schools’ gifted and secondary program title.  Gifted and talented students are identified as having needs beyond what the regular classroom usually provides.

    Focus at the high school is truly a resource program; students are not pulled out of their regular classes for enrichment or acceleration on a regular basis.  However, the Gifted Resource teacher is available to identified students for one-on-one work with teachers to accelerate or enrich curriculum as needed, and he or she is also either the facilitator or the contact/ liaison for several programs available for gifted students (see next section for details).

    Each school’s gifted resource teacher / Gifted Facilitator is available via office hours, email, or phone at his or her respective building; check the school’s website for program information.  

    Gifted students should join their school’s Gifted Resource Canvas page, so they can access information and updates on special programming, enrichment, other various opportunities, and scholarships at any time!




    Students may take AP courses and some non-AP courses online through Virtual Virginia, provided by the Virginia Department of Education. Students are encouraged to sign an Early College Scholars (ECS) agreement, which promotes taking at least 15 transferable credits throughout his or her high school career. Virtual Virginia courses can be taken free of charge if openings are available.  Please note, courses must be signed up for by August 1st of the school year.  www.virtualvirginia.org


    Grades 11-12 - 1 Credit. Recommended Background: Written proposal and interview required (Does not count toward graduation requirements). Students may propose a year-long study of a topic of interest, working under the supervision of the Gifted Resource Teacher and other teacher or community mentors. To earn credit, students must document hours and must complete and present a substantive product. Assessment is on a pass/fail basis. Schools offering the course: All


    The CGS curriculum is designed to challenge students in four major academic content areas, through problem-based instruction appropriate for gifted and highly motivated learners and to focus on the community issues of environment, development, and service. High-speed Internet access, desktop video conferencing, and e-mail enable students to reach worldwide resources for special interest projects and intensive research. Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment options are available. Students participate in a foreign language, health/PE, electives, and activities at their home-based high school. The CGS faculty is determined to provide the kind of coaching, mentoring, and individualization gifted and highly motivated learners need to achieve their fullest potential.  Students from participating SCPS high schools travel to one of the three CGS sites: Colonial Forge High School, North Stafford High School, and Stafford High School.


    The IB Diploma Program, designed for highly motivated students who seek a rigorous, comprehensive, integrated program of study focused on analytical thinking, high-level communication skills, and a global perspective, is offered at Mountain View High School and Brooke Point High School.  Academic study is balanced with a focus on the learner as an active participant in the local and global community.  Students may pursue the full IB Diploma or take individual IB diploma courses; see the IB page on either school’s site or email IB Coordinators Theresa Gaddy (MV) or Meghan Stone (BP) for questions. www.ibo.org


    Students should see or email the Gifted Resource teacher as well as check out the following websites if interested in enrichment programs such as...

    Summer Residential Governor’s School Summer Residential Governor's School is four weeks of high-level work with other gifted students from across the state at Virginia colleges for rising 11th graders and rising 12th-graders. If selected, the students attend the program FREE of charge. 

    Fredericksburg Regional Governor’s School — Two-week enrichment in science and mentorships at a local location. Applications will come out in the spring. 

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