Skillful Teacher Cohorts

  • abc Skillful Teacher (SKT) training focuses on certain areas in depth: 1) planning lessons that are clear and accessible to all students; 2) communicating high expectations; and 3) using a variety of assessments to inform planning, teaching and reflecting on lessons. Participants will learn both how to collect and analyze data, as well as how to respond to data by drawing on research-based instructional strategies. A strong theme of strengthening understanding and respect for our students’ diverse cultural backgrounds is addressed throughout the course. Selected teachers are participating in the Skillful Teacher cohorts.

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    As a professional learning community, Stafford County Public Schools (SCPS) is committed to all students and their learning. Of all the research-based factors that are important to student learning, the most important is teacher competence. This Professional Growth System (PGS) for teachers recognizes the complexity and importance of teaching in a high performing school system that emphasizes continuous improvement and shared accountability for student achievement. Effective teaching is nurtured in schools and in a school system culture that values collaboration, consistent feedback, analysis, reflection and refinement of the quality of teaching. The expectation is that a high level of teacher competence exists in every classroom in Stafford County.

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