School Communicable Disease Information

  • What is a Communicable Disease?

    • A communicable disease is an infectious illness which can result from either direct contact with an infected individual, an infected individual’s discharges (such as mucous, saliva, feces, or body fluids), or by indirect contact (for example, through a mosquito bite).

    In the Event of an Actual or Potential Outbreak Situation

    • The Virginia Department of Health (VDOH) collects communicable disease reports from health care providers, schools and childcare centers.  The VDOH reviews the reports to identify disease trends, illnesses and outbreaks in the county.  VDOH has a website that can be accessed through

    Virginia Department of Health Ebola Virus Update October 2014 (pdf)

    Virginia Department of Health Enterovirus Updated September 2014 (pdf)