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Security Measures

  • Stafford County Public Schools continues to refine its crisis response planning and to be vigilant about the safety of its students and employees. Over recent years, the school district has spent considerable time and effort in planning and practicing safety and security measures appropriate for addressing a major critical incident. Among these measures are:

    • Developed and implemented the comprehensive division crisis management plan.
    • Updated the individual school crisis plans to include evacuation, shelter-in-place, and Homeland Defense. 
    • Planning for continuing employee training in crisis management and communication, including shelter-in-place, smallpox response, threat assessment, front office security, SARS and crisis communication.
    • Added two additional Stafford County Sheriff’s Office Resource Protection Officers to cover our seven middle schools.
    • Implemented strict visitor controls.
    • Implemented the use of cell phones for improved communication for administrative team, as well as Resource Protection & D.A.R.E. Officers.
    • Provided Stafford County Public Schools’ e-mail access to Stafford County Sheriff’s Office Resource Protection and D.A.R.E. Officers. 
    • Continued participation in planning for improved coordination and emergency planning with Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services and Stafford County Sheriff’s Office.  
    • Working in coordination with the Regional Public Health Director.
    • Developing an assessment instrument for school administrators and the district, to annually assess their school's readiness for responding to a crisis or safety issue. This includes a required (annual) School Safety Audit. 
    • Installed digital closed circuit video surveillance systems at all Stafford County Public Schools.
    • Review employment screening policy and procedures.
    • Review the physical security of bus yards and garages, as well as transportation security in general. 
    • Review the adequacy of physical security in and around the schools.
    • Review access control procedures and heighten employee awareness.
    • Instruct employees to recognize and report suspicious activities on school campuses.
    • Work closely with local law enforcement and health officials.
    • Train staff on identifying and handling suspicious packages and letters.
    • Working with the Department of Planning & Construction to enhance security & safety through architectural design to include and increase back up generator capacity & resources during shelter operations.
    • Obtained a Department of Education grant in FY-2005 in the amount of $225,000, which was used to train school employees on emergency management training.
    • Continue to research innovative methods to enhance Stafford schools with the best safety measure available to keep students safe.