Prescription Drug Program

  • pres Express Scripts Medicare Benefit Overview

    Please click here to review your 2016 prescription drug plan benefit.

    To All retirees with The Hartford Medicare B supplemental insurance:
    As required by CMS all members should have received new Express Scripts Prescription Drug ID cards in early to mid-December.  The new information will include: 

    2015 BIN was: 003858 -->   BIN changing to 610014 for 1/1/16
    2015 PCN was: MD --> PCN changing to MEDDPRIME for 1/1/16

    Group number will remain as BXMA
    The member’s ID number will NOT change.

    Anthem Prescription Plan to Be Four Tier Model

    There will be no changes to the premium or benefits for SCPS health and dental for FY2016.  However, Anthem will be moving to a four tier RX drug plan.  The Hartford will not be subject to an increase until the plan renewal January 1, 2016.

    To learn more about your Anthem prescription drug benefits under a four tier drug plan visit or download the health plan mobile app for answers on the go.

    Medicare B Notice

    Please contact the Payroll and Benefits Office if you or your enrolled spouse will be turning 65. You must enroll in Medicare B when you first become eligible as a retiree or you will no longer be eligible for coverage under Stafford's group health plan.

    Contact your nearest Social Security Office for more enrollment information.