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    Business Partnership and Sponsorship Criteria 

     Stafford Schools Partnership and Sponsorship Criteria

    Stafford County Public Schools (Stafford Schools) offers organizations and businesses two opportunities for providing valuable enhancement of the educational program.

    1. An “educational partnership” is a mutually beneficial, cooperative relationship in which partners share values, objectives and/or human or financial resources to enhance learning for students.
    2. An “educational sponsorship” is an arrangement pursuant to which the sponsor provides money, price-reductions, equipment, materials, services or other benefits in exchange for recognition of its products or entity for a specific period of time.


    All businesses and organizations who wish to enter into a partnership or sponsorship with Stafford Schools are required to be screened by the Office of Communications. This screening process is in place to ensure all businesses and organizations interacting with Stafford Schools are in alignment with the division’s goals and vision.

    No agreement shall be entered into if the business or organization involves or gives the appearance of involving any activity which could result in the following:

    • Promotion of hostility or violence;
    • An attack on ethnic, racial, or religious groups;
    • Promotion of the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or firearms;
    • Discrimination prohibited by any law or board policy;
    • Promotion of sexual, obscene, or pornographic activities;
    • Promotion of any image that is not in keeping with the established goals and purposes of the board; or
    • Material and substantial disruption of the proper and orderly operation of school activities or school discipline.

    All business and organization representatives who will be working directly with Stafford Schools students are required to be fingerprinted by Stafford Schools Human Resources. 

    The Office of Communications reserves the right to deny or terminate any sponsorship or partnership that is not in the best interest of the school division. 


    Written Agreement

    Any agreement to enter into an educational partnership and/or sponsorship will be in writing. By entering into a written agreement, the partner and/or sponsor acknowledges that have read and agreed to Stafford Schools partnership agreement.

    Partnership Agreement Form

    The written agreement shall include:

    • Name and address of company
    • Contact information
    • Logo
    • Description of price reduction, equipment, materials, services or other benefits being offered; OR monetary contribution ($)
    • Specified recipients/event of sponsorship (i.e. teachers, all staff, Foundation)
    • Duration of the agreement 

    For more information reference school board policy 9201.


    Stafford Schools Business Partner/Sponsor Criteria (Check list for office use)

    1. Fill out Partnership Starter form
    2. Business/Organization screened by Office of Communications 
    3. If approved, complete written agreement for files
    4. If partnership/sponsorship is successful, renew written agreement
    5. If partnership/sponsorship is unsuccessful, evaluate written agreement and/or terminate*

    *If a violation of policy or criteria occurs during written agreement duration, we will terminate immediately.

    For questions or more information, contact the Stafford Schools Family & Community Relations Coordinator, Nikki Jackson, jacksonnd@staffordschools.net.

Last Modified on February 8, 2024