ERP Project Overview

  • Goal

    Our goal is to improve the quality and efficiency of the services we provide by streamlining our business processes, which will generate productivity gains that enable staff to better serve all stakeholders.


    Our current objective is to replace our outdated SunGard system and related sub-systems with Tyler Munis – a vendor-supported, web-based, management information system.

    Strategic Goals Addressed

    1. Financial Services: By 2017, increase communication of the school division's budget process for all funds to all stakeholders. 
    2. Financial Services: By 2017, all schools will have multiple receipting processes, which will increase teacher instructional time, improve student safety, and safeguard school activity funds. 
    3. Human Resources: By 2017, all newly hired employees will be highly qualified.
    4. Human Resources: By 2017, all new employees will participate in a comprehensive induction program.
    5. Huam Resources: By 2017, division-wide retention rates will improve to 95%.

    Desired Outcomes

    1. Implement a Financial and HR/Payroll & Benefits ERP system to meet the current and future needs of SCPS.
    2. Redefine the general leger/budget account codes to reflect state guidelines and provide sufficient detail to produce useful budgets and financial, managerial, and regulatory reports.
    3. Establish position control to monitor and track positions approved and budgeted to meet the instructional, operational support, and administrative staffing requirements of the organization.
    4. Capture, report and make readily available financial and management information to key stakeholders, decision-makers, directors, principals, employees and third parties as deemed necessary and/or appropriate.
    5. Establish electronic workflow capability for: financial transactions, employee lifecycle identity management, adjustments to employees, leave requests, time entry, requisitions, purchase orders, contracts, travel, etc.
    6. Implement a system that streamlines the financial reporting process for the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), Annual School Report (ASR), and the Superintendent’s Annual School Operating Budgets.