Dental Insurance & Rates

  • Employees may choose from two dental insurance plans through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.  

    Anthem Core Dental

    • Diagnostic and Preventative Services such as periodic oral exams, teeth cleaning and eligible X-rays
    • Basic Services such as fillings and simple extractions
    • Eligible services for: Endodontics, Periodontics, Oral Surgery, Major Services and Prosthodontics

    Anthem Premium Dental

    • All services listed above PLUS
    • Orthodontic coverage - $1,500 lifetime benefit maximum per insured person

    Both, the Core and Premium insurances are PPO plans which allow members to select a provider from a extensive network.  If members choose to see a dentist outside of the Anthem Dental Network, they will still have insurance coverage but costs are normally higher.  The annual benefit maximum per person is $1,250 (excluding orthodontic life-time maximum).

    For complete coverage details, please refer to your employee benefits booklet.

    To find an in-network provider, go to (Select the Dental Complete Plan)


    Premium Dental

    Core Dental

    Health and Dental Rates

    The rates provided are applicable to full-time and part-time contracted employees; and enrolled retirees.