Employee Transfer Process

  • 2019-2020 Employee Transfer Process

    The transfer process may be used by full-time contracted teachers and full-time contracted paraprofessionals only.  The transfer application is for full-time teachers pursuing other full-time teaching positions and full-time paraprofessionals pursuing other full-time paraprofessional positions. Teachers and paraprofessionals may request consideration for a transfer at any time during the transfer window (February 13, 2019 – June 20, 2019). Part-time, hourly, and temporary employees are not eligible for the transfer process.  Part-time, hourly, and temporary employees seeking full-time positions should use the licensed or service applications available online. Full time employees pursuing different positions should use the appropriate application. For example, a teacher pursuing an assistant principal position should complete the Administrator Application.

    Employee Transfer Application instructions and requirements:

    • The transfer application is available through Employee Self Service only. This is accessible from staffordschools.net. Under the STAFF tab, select Employee Self Service.
    • The Employee Self Service Window will open in a new tab. The log-in tab is found in the top right corner of the page. Click on the Login icon. You will be prompted to enter your Username and Password to enter Employee Self Service (ESS). You must login in order to see transfer positions.
    • Click Employment Opportunities on the left side of the window. All available positions in the school division will be visible as you scroll down the page.  
    • Positions available for transfers are those with For Transfer Applicants Only in the posting.
    • Click Apply to complete the transfer application for the position for which you want to be considered.
    • If you have an application on file in Munis, the application will open, and most of your information will auto fill. Please double check all information for accuracy. At the end of each page, click Save for Later before continuing to the next section. The Applicant’s Authorization Statement must be completed. Click on Review Application. If all information is complete and correct, click on Submit Application.
    • If you have not completed an application in Munis, click on Create a new account. Type in your first name, last name, zip code, and email address. Enter the validation numbers, and click on Create Account. Please save your PIN to access your account in the future. Click Continue. At the end of each page, click Save for Later before continuing to the next section. The Applicant’s Authorization Statement must be completed. Click on Review Application. If all information is complete and correct, click on Submit Application.
    • You will see a green circle with a check at the top of the screen showing your application has been submitted.
    • Saved Applications refers to those applications that have not been submitted. Once an application is submitted, it no longer appears in Saved Applications.
    • You only need to apply to each position per location one time. For example, if a position is filled at Barrett Elementary and another vacancy for the same position occurs at Barrett Elementary, your application will remain in the pool of candidates for consideration.
    • You must click Apply for each transfer position for which you want to be considered. For example, there is an English position at Colonial Forge and HH Poole. In order to be considered for each, you must apply to each location. There is not a general application for transfers, and you may not submit a transfer application until a position is posted.
    • Completion of the online transfer application shall serve as the official notification of your interest in being considered for a transfer. Accordingly, please refrain from making additional contacts (e-mail, telephone, etc) to school administrators. As a professional courtesy, employees wishing to transfer should notify their current school administration. Prior to an offer being extended, administrators interviewing candidates will contact your current school administration.

    Transfer Process (February 13, 2019 – June 20, 2019):

    • Employees will notify principals of their interest in a specific position posted for the location by using the Munis – Employee Self Service Transfer application.
    • Specific vacancies for  2019-2020 will be posted starting February 13, 2019.
    • An elementary teacher transfer fair will be held later this Spring. This fair is designed to facilitate interviews with principals who are expected to have openings as a result of the redistricting process. Any teacher interested in transferring may participate in this fair. Teachers may register for the fair at: https://goo.gl/forms/r3yCbGnMw4d1kIM82
    • Transfer vacancies will be updated regularly as positions become available. It is the employee’s responsibility to check the job posting for updates, as they may change daily.
    • Teachers/Paraprofessionals must apply to a specific position listed in Employment Opportunities in order to be considered for a transfer.  If the transfer application is not completed, you will not be considered for a transfer.
    • Administrators will contact selected candidates for interviewing.  Administrators are not required to interview an internal candidate for any position.  
    • All offers for transfer will be made by Human Resources.

    Elementary Special Education -

    SLD/OHI - Any changes in the number of SLD/OHI teacher positions at each school will be determined after the redistricting has been approved by the School Board. Staffing changes will be shared as soon as student enrollment of students with disabilities is verified.

    Low Incidence Programs (Autism, EBS, LS1, LS2, and MD)

    Based on School Board approved low incidence program changes, the Departments of Human Resources and Student Services will seek input from impacted staff regarding location changes. A separate message will be sent directly to impacted teachers once a redistricting plan has been approved by the School Board.

    If a special education teacher does not want to leave his or her current school, he/she may stay if there is a vacancy and is qualified.  If the position is an autism vacancy, teachers must complete the transfer application for the position due to state competency requirements and salary stipend.