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Transfer Process for Licensed Staff and Paraprofessionals

  • Spring 2024 for 2024-25 School Year


    The transfer period for full time licensed staff (all staff paid on the teacher salary scale) and paraprofessionals is open from Tuesday, February 6 through Saturday, June 1. 


    Employees interested in seeking a position at a different school within Stafford County should read these directions carefully as there have been some important updates to our transfer policy for this year.




    Any full-time, contracted employee who is in the following job categories, who is in good standing at their current school and will be recommended for continued employment, and who wants to transfer to a similar role is eligible to participate in the transfer process:

    • Teachers of all subjects
    • School-based specialists (e.g., reading specialist, ITRT)
    • Librarians
    • Counselors
    • Paraprofessionals (general education and special education)

    Full-time staff who are currently in split positions, working at multiple schools, can use the transfer process to seek a position fully housed at one school.

    The following employee groups should not use the transfer process, and should instead apply for positions:


    • Part-time staff, hourly staff, or substitutes
    • Service employees other than paraprofessionals
    • Licensed SISP staff other than counselors
    • Otherwise eligible staff applying to a different job type (for example, a paraprofessional applying to become a teacher, or a teacher seeking a school-based specialist role).

    If you fall into these latter groups, you will need to complete a job application following the standard process via TalentEd Hire, our new application system launched in January of this year.




    February 6 - The transfer window opens, and staff interested in transfer can complete the Request Form to have their name placed on the Master Transfer List.


    Within three days of staff request - HR will contact your current school to verify that a staff member requesting to be considered for transfer is in good standing and would otherwise return to the school the following year. 


    Within two business days of a principal requesting to offer a position via transfer - Human Resources will contact the staff member with the job offer.


    April 1 - Any staff member interested in consideration for transfer must complete the Request Form to be placed on the Master Transfer List by this date. Access to the Master Transfer List will be closed after this date.


    June 1 - Administrators seeking to offer a position via transfer must make the recommendation to Human Resources.


    June 7 - All offers for transfers will be complete.


    How to Apply


    New this year - employees seeking to transfer into a similar position at another school do not need to complete a formal job application. Instead, the only step necessary for consideration is completing the Request Form to be placed on the Master Transfer List. Your responses to this brief questionnaire will serve as your application. 


    The Request Form is designed to collect information about your interest in transfer generally; however, there is a question that enables you to name any specific schools that you would like to express interest in.


    Expectations and Reminders


    All staff are strongly encouraged to speak with their current principal before applying for or accepting transfer positions. Doing so gives both parties the opportunity to discuss your interests and whether there are opportunities that might lead you to stay in your current school or assignment.


    All administrators are expected to contact the current school of a staff member before extending an offer via transfer.


    Administrators are not obligated to interview every candidate who applies for a transfer, nor are they obligated to interview internal candidates prior to interviewing external candidates.


    All offers for transfer will be made by the Department of Human Resources.