Application FAQs

  • Why do I need to apply?
    Because the IB Diploma Program represents a rigorous and comprehensive course of study with additional independent core requirements, it is important that the IB Diploma Program Coordinator evaluate your readiness for those demands.

    Is the application process competitive?
    No. This is an open-enrollment program, which means that there is no limit or cap to the number of students who may be admitted to the IB Diploma Program at BPHS. All students who show readiness for the rigor of the program may participate.

    So does everyone who applies get accepted?
    Not necessarily. Most students who apply for the Diploma Program show strong signs of readiness; however, not all do. You will be contacted if the IB Diploma Program Coordinator has concerns about your readiness for the rigors of the pre-IB and IB course of study. 

    What is acceptance based upon?
    The IB Diploma Program Coordinator is looking for evidence of readiness for the pre-IB coursework in 9th and 10th grade (honors and advanced classes). Students who have A and B grades in their 8th grade coursework are strong candidates.

    What about students from homeschool or private middle school settings?
    In these cases, the IB DP Coordinator, BPHS counselor, and parent(s) work closely together to determine the student’s readiness for the pre-IB sequence of courses. Typically, a meeting with the IB DP Coordinator is required to ensure proper placement of students from these middle school settings.

    Can I apply for more than one program and then choose after I find out which ones I'm accepted to?
    Yes, you can. In fact, the IB application has a little section on the first page asking you to indicate if you've decided to do this.  It helps ensure we know to be on the lookout for your decision if needed.  

    Why don’t I just apply right before 11th grade?
    While it’s true that the actual IB Diploma Program does not begin until 11th grade, important pre-IB coursework and preparation takes place in 9th and 10th grade. To be successful with the IB Diploma Program, students really need to be identified as pre-IB and supported through all 4 years of high school. (Students who don’t apply at the start of high school may not be able to set up an IB Diploma schedule in 11th grade).

    Does everyone who gets accepted earn an IB Diploma?
    After completing the pre-IB sequence of courses in 9th grade, some students elect to pursue individual IB courses rather than the full IB Diploma Program. The same decision process occurs after 10th grade pre-IB coursework. Those students who continue through the entire IB Diploma Program are not guaranteed to earn the IB Diploma; they must earn sufficient scores in each of their IB courses and the Core Requirements. Worldwide, the IB Diploma success rate is about 79%.