Being an IB World School

  • Brooke Point High School is an IB World School authorized to offer the IB Diploma Program. This page is meant to help students and families understand what it means to be an IB World School.


    A high school may not simply begin to offer IB courses; each IB World School must first go through a specific, lengthy, and rigorous authorization process. BPHS went through the authorization process from 2007 through 2009, which included a feasibillity study an then subsequently submitting our program plan and curriculum to IB.  The application process was then followed by an on-site visit by IB personnel to review our facilities and interview teachers and administrators.


    Being an IB World School involves a high level of accountability for quality instruction and delivery of the IB Diploma Program content as well as meeting the IB Diploma Program Standards & Practices. Every five years, BPHS must conduct a review process and submit it to IB in order to maintain authorization as an IB World School. BPHS must create and maintain an IB Language Policy, IB Assessment Policy, IB Learner Diversity Policy and Academic Integrity Policy that align with IB expectations and requirements. These documents must be regularly reviewed and revised/updated; you can read them here. IB teachers are expected to use the IB Approaches to Learning/Approaches to Teaching as well as using the IB Internal Assessment scoring criteria rubrics correctly and consistently; to ensure this, all required IB assessments scored by BPHS classroom teachers are moderated by external IB examiners.


    IB World Schools seek to prepare students for our increasingly global society not only by encouraging second language acquisition, but also by placing an emphasis on international-mindedness throughout the curriculum. Students are encouraged to learn about and discuss the nations, cultures, governments, languages, businesses, and outlooks of people around the globe. This includes learning about and appreciating America and its global role. The idea behind international-mindedness is to prepare today’s students for today’s world — one which is becoming “smaller” and more interconnected due to technology and communication advancements. IB Diploma Program graduates are well-prepared to take part in global society with a high degree of knowledge, skill, and confidence.