• Battle of the Books


    Are you interested in joining our Battle of the Books team?  We are reading from a selection of books this year, memorizing important facts about the book and competing with other Stafford middle schools in the Spring. Your library has all of these titles and you can start reading anytime!

    Our meeting dates:

    November 20th 3:00-4:00

    December 4th 3:00-4:00

    December 11th 3:00-4:00

    December 18th 3:00-4:00 


    January 8th 3:00-4:00

    January 15th 3:00-4:00

    January 22nd 3:00-4:00

    January 29th 3:00-4:00

    2019-2020 list

    Between Shades of Gray

    One for the Murphys

    Counting by 7s

    Wolf Hollow


    Rain Reign

    Iron Trial


    Monster Calls

    Prisoner B

    Night Divided