• Guitar II is a second year, comprehensive music, performing ensemble class.  Guitar students at this level will continue to further develop their skills into a more intermediate level of music, reading advanced beginning to intermediate rhythms, notes and music terminology.  Students will continue to perform in a two, three or four part ensemble and continue to learn more advanced band skills.  Sight reading is a component of this class and students will sight read on levels 2 and 3. Additional strumming styles, finger styles and picking will continue to be explored and students will perform generally two times a year:  in November and May.  Additional, supplemental community and theme park performances may be offered throughout the year.

    Grading Policy:

    40% Classwork

    40% Mandatory Concert Performances

    20% Playing Quizzes

    For further information on dress attire, dates, the Forge Guitar/Orchestra Parents Association and more, please see the CFHS Guitar Handbook.