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  • The Software Review Process at Our High School and School District

    Our school district, with participation from our high school, strictly looks at all software that our students and employees use or plan to use in our school.  A software review process has been established to ensure software:

    • is endorsed by the building principal or department director;
    • is deemed appropriate by division instructional and administrative staff;
    • documented and inventoried;
    • licensed properly;
    • has a training plan established;
    • has a timeline established;
    • has a point-of-contact established;
    • protects student data privacy sufficiently;
    • can be supported technically by support staff and works with the technology resources provided by the division; and
    • is purchased in the most cost effective manner (e.g. single license, teacher-license, classroom-license, or site-license)

    We want to keep our students' and employees' data safe and secure.  The emphasis with our district's software review process is on data privacy and examining and closely following FERPA compliance and other data privacy laws and regulations.  Software in our school district is defined as:

    • any traditional installation package loaded on a laptop or computer, by download or other media installation methods;
    • online services and subscriptions to include any online website that requires account creations or a fee to utilize;
    • mobile apps on an iOS or Android device (e.g. iPad) that are free or require a fee to access and utilize; and
    • Web browser extensions that are free or require a fee (e.g. Add-ons in the Chrome Web browser)

    Exemptions to the software review process is software that is both free of charge and has no student login or student data associated with the application's use and functionality (Stafford County Public Schools' Department of Instructional Technology and Information Services, 2017).

Submitted Software Status at Our High School

  • Any employee in our school building can submit a software review request form that will be created into a HelpDesk ticket to be further reviewed for approval by our school district.  Our school prides itself in being transparent and to show our school community the types of software that our school, including students and teachers, are using.

    The shared Google Sheet below contains the current status of all of the software that has been submitted by our high school to our school district for approval.  This list is not exhaustive due to the fact that software can be approved at the district level for all schools where it was not our individual high school that submitted the software review request.  The Google Sheet below just contains the software that our high school has submitted for approval.  For software that has been approved for our school district, including use in certain grade levels, review the software providers that our school district utilizes and has approved.  Both of the resources will create an exhaustive list to show the software that our high school uses.