Online Registration

  • Online registration (OLR) to enroll for the remainder of the current school year is available for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade and Head Start.  Head Start parents/guardians must first visit Head Start's website for a specific Application for Enrollment before proceeding to OLR. Please visit the Online Registration Site site to register for the remainder of the school year.  

    OLR is not currently available for “Open Enrollment/Transfers”, this must still be processed with the Office of Demographics and Planning.  

    Stafford County Public Schools uses Synergy’s Student Information System Parent Portal as a method of pre-registering new students to their zoned schools.  Pre-registration allows you to complete a majority of information online.  The remaining information required must be provided in person at the zoned school of residence for which you are registering your student(s).  Parents/Guardians of students enrolling in Head Start through 12th grade may use this system.  If you would like to participate in the online system, please read the instructions.

    Online Registration How To Guide

    Parents/Guardians with an existing Parent Portal (ParentVUE) account will use your current username and password to login to the Online Registration (OLR) system (OLR - Left window “Login” section). This will allow you to register your additional new student(s).  You do not need to register students already enrolled and continuing their next year with Stafford County Public Schools.

    New to Stafford, Parents/Guardians without a Parent Portal account will create an account (OLR - Right window “Create a New Account” section).  The creation of a new account requires a valid email address.     

    Current Stafford County Parents/Guardians without a ParentVUE account should contact their current student's school for information on how to activate their ParentVUE account.

    Remember, you must complete the enrollment process at the school.  Click on School Listing, to find information or contact numbers from their individual school based website.


Enrollment How-To Videos